Meizu Flyme OS 5.0 now available in India

Meizu today announced the launch of its upgraded Flyme OS 5.0 for its MX5 Indian customers. The upgraded OS encapsulates an intuitive and simple system app layout, supported by a smooth and exquisite transition animation.

Flyme OS


The OTA update link (800 MB)

The Flyme OS 5.0 experience:

Home screen

  • Floating notification: Notifications can be displayed in floating mode without interrupting operations.
  • Multi-task: Card-type multi-task lists are added and can be long pressed to lock an individual application.
  • Multi-screen mode: Based on the multi-task list, two applications can be displayed at the same time in multi-screen mode in an adjustable ratio (only some specific applications are supported).
  • Batch icon sorting: Icons can be selected and moved in batch mode to different pages or directories on Home screen by long pressing Home screen and selecting Sorting Icons.
  • Shake to sort Home screen: Icons on Home screen can be sorted rapidly by entering the Sort Icon mode and shaking the mobile phone.



  • Indian Flavour: Boot animation of Taj Mahal and a ringtone dedicated to India.
  • Display: Added a display in Notification panel to show the app which is currently using GPS, and users can disable it directly on the panel.
  • Optimized layout: When the notification bar without unread notifications is dropped down, all switches are displayed on it by default; and when the notification bar with unread notifications is dropped down, more options the notifications can be viewed by pull down the zone.
  • Optimized Icons: Icons are now in the middle for calendar, messages and memos.
  • Boot Speed: Optimized boot speed, which is more prominent when the system installs a lot of apps.



  • Brand new design: The Setting page is adjusted in the aspects of interaction and functional grouping. Added search function in Settings. Now users can enter keywords to search related options and features.
  • Battery management: The power consumption order is optimized, so that software and hardware power consumption is displayed separately.
  • Volume classification: Volume can be managed by classification in Settings > Sound and Vibration > Volume.
  • Network sharing: A Wi-Fi network can be shared via QR code by tapping a Wi-Fi hotspot in Settings > WLAN.
  • Default application: Default applications can be specified for specific categories in Settings > Apps > Default apps.
  • Simulated colours: The colour space can be simulated in colour blindness mode or in amblyopia mode in Settings > Accessibility > Developer options > Simulated colour space.



  • Phone acceleration: Apps running on the background can be disabled to accelerate the operating speed of the mobile phone.
  • Cache clearing whitelist: App caches, redundant APKs, and app residuals can be whitelisted to prevent unexpected removal.
  • Scheduled clearing: The Scan and clear option is added to scheduled cleaning for convenience.
  • Data usage on the notification bar: A switch for displaying data usage on the notification bar is added in Data > Settings.
  • Quick scan and one-key optimization: The health status of the mobile phone can be known upon entering the interface without waiting. All problems can be fixed with one key.
  • App detecting: Fake apps can be detected to prevent potential risks.
  • Privacy security: enhanced permission management for privacy protection.

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