Fraudulent Investment Case against Ringing Bells Freedom 251 launch

As you all know, Ringing Bells has launched a 3G Smartphone at just INR 251. Previously they have two other featured phones Rising Bells Master and Rising Bell 4U along with 4G LTE smartphone Smart 101. Not many know about this brand until yesterday when they launched india’s most affordable smartphone Freedom 251 for just INR 251/-

Freedom 251 was made available starting 6AM today and the website crashed within a few minutes after the bookings were open and not many of those people were actually able to order the device.



Today we noticed BJP’s MP Kirit Somaiya tweets about Freedom 251 being a Scam. According to him, The Freedom 251 is not at all subsidised or have been certified by the Govt. of India. He has written to the Ministry of Telecommunication and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to look into this matter further.

Some of his tweets:

As you all know, this actual device was offered for INR 1500-2500 and the company is selling this for only INR 251. The Rebranded version of this smartphone is Adcom Ikon 4 which sells for INR 3,599 online and the same is now sold for INR 251 is probably a scam. Even the delivery time they are taking to deliver the product is of 4 months which clearly depicts that they are totally scam.

Ringing Bells Company Details


Mr Kirti Somaiya has pointed out that the whole system looks like a Ponzi Scheme. But there is no official confirmation from the Govt of India as they have used “Make in India” and “Digital India” campaigns to gain that much popularity in the last 2 days. Also the bookings for Freedom 251 has been paused in the morning itself and they claimed to be able to resume the same within 24 hours.


Ringing Bells Address

As of now, Nothing is confirmed yet. We’ll have to wait a few more days to know about this offer where the whole country woke up at 6AM to book it.

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