When and How Guest Blogging may be harmful for new Bloggers

There is no doubt that guest blogging is a simple and fastest way for link building. You can get high quality dofollow backlink for your guest post. Actually, guest blogging is for building a good relationship between two bloggers. You can get tons of new traffic, credit etc. for your guest post. Your writing dexterity will be ameliorated surprisingly if you are yielding your post on a high quality blog.

There are also so many blog such like ShoutMeLoud or others who accepted their guest post and give a fabulous opportunity to their guest bloggers. They have enabled Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program. This is really a good possibility to earn more with your guest post.

Till now everything is Ok. But over guest blogging may be harmful for your own blog. OMG! How? Wait! Today I am just going to explain this through this article.

Suppose you have a blog which is just made before a few days. You know that every new blog should be decorated well. There are a few couples of tasks which must be done after opening a blog or even after changing your blog theme. But at this situation, if you are busy to do guest blog, patently, this will be harmful for your blog. You can also lose your visitors who have come via your guest post on other blogs.

You must do everything what you should do after installing WordPress or changing your blog theme, installing any good plugin which needs a minute set up.

You know that every blogger accepts guest post which is really a good article with 500-600 words. I am sure that you cannot complete your article within 15-20 minutes. Right? It may be taken at least 45 minutes or sometime more than that.

In this time if you do something for your own blog, I think it may be good for the future of your own blog.

Suppose, you have written a post for guest posting and another post for your own blog, due to any reason your guest post may be better than your personal post. This will be harmful for your blog.

Final Word:

I am not telling you to stop guest blogging. But don’t do over guest blogging.

This is my own view, if you have any other opinion, feel free and share with us using this below comment box.

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