News Republic, World’s Largest News Provider Launched its New V6 Version

News Republic, the world’s largest news provider with 1,650 licensed publishing partners globally, today launched its new version 6 (V6), bringing greater global and social features to its millions of users. With more than one million topics that can be uniquely customized to a user’s preferences, the new innovations bring together the widest news perspective with unmatched discoverability and an even more personally relevant experience.

News Republic

Standout features that users can now enjoy include:

Truly Global News Access

News Republic is now the only news provider that gives its readers access to news sources from around the globe in one place. Users around the world can now access publications from 53 countries and in 37 languages. Readers in the India can expand their lens to read about the migrant crisis in Europe from European sources, the US Presidential election from American sources, the South China Sea dispute from a Chinese perspective and even get global perspective on top Indian stories.  Readers around the world can follow in depth news about Indian politics, cricket, Bollywood and other hot topics from top Indian media sources. Fifty thousand full news stories, 40,000 photographs and 1,500 videos are curated from licensed partners every day. All of this is uniquely personalized to each reader through choices in topics, key words, and even sources: News Republic’s algorithmic intelligence learns what readers care about and delivers their most relevant news.


Socially Savvy

News Republic socializes the news like no other. Its fast and fluid interface allows for easy navigation and sharing, and its community intelligence ensures readers discover and learn more about the topics that matter to them. Not only can they see what those around them are recommending, commenting on and reacting to, News Republic now also recommends and connects its readers to top influencers on the topics they care about. Rather than just have the media dictate the topics of the day, the community of readers decide what’s important to them. Leveraging the community of readers in this way amplifies both the relevance and discoverability of news content.


Pulse Polls

News Republic is keeping its fingers on the pulse of what readers care about through polls published within its app as well as global reader surveys. With the ability to poll a global audience instantly, it is uncovering what people care about by country, region and worldwide. In the past month, thousands of global users weighed in on the best movie of 2016 (The Revenant), and nearly 25,000 voted on the top tech to watch in 2016 (Virtual Reality). U.S. users weighed in on whether they were worried about a U.S. bomb attack from Korea (No), whether El Chapo will escape from prison for a third time (Yes), and which Republican presidential candidate they would be most proud of to represent our country (None).Results are available to the voting audience immediately.

“We believe that news is global in nature, and that people should look beyond their back yard to discover what is universally relevant, and personally important,” said Gilles Raymond, News Republic CEO. “We continue to innovate our offering to ensure we are providing the content and experience that readers are looking for – and V6 maps to everything our users have been telling us is important to them.

News Republic is focused on bringing value to the entire news ecosystem. For consumers, it delivers unprecented news access with a very personalized and community-driven lens. For publishers, it does not scrape RSS feeds but instead drives global readership, exposure and revenue, for their powerful content. For device manufacturers, it delivers unparalleled content and UI. The award-winning app can be downloaded today for iOS and Android on smartphones, tablets and wearables.

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