Free Heatmap Analytics Tool, UserHeat Review

With large number of web analytic services and softwares available online, it has become quite a task about which one to choose. While most of these services only give you a basic reading about which page has been viewed how frequently, there are some which go out and provide much more. One such web analytic service that we will be reviewing today is UserHeat. So let’s get to it.

What is UserHeat?

UserHeat is a simple to use yet effective web analytic service. What it does is that makes use of certain algorithms and the webpage’s visitor’s behaviors including his clicks, scrolling behaviors’ and certain other things to present statistics in the form of a heat map. These stats can then be used by bloggers and website administrators to make their blog better. A truly effective way of presenting these stats has been adopted by UserHeat.

How to sign up?

Wondering how to begin using UserHeat?

  1. You will first have to sign up on their homepage. On the homepage, click on the “Sign up for free” button.
    UserHeat SignUp
  2. You will then be required to fill in your domain and email address and then set the password.
  3. Once you do that, you will be sent a confirmation mail on the address you filled in.
  4. Go to your mail and click on the confirmation link. You can then sign in with your email address and the password you set.
  5. After signing in, Click on “Create HTML Tag” and copy it.
    Create HTML Tag on UserHeat Website
  6. Now If you’re using wordpress then go to your Website’s Cpanel. Open the template’s Header (header.php) and paste the whole copied script just before closing HEAD tag.
    Settings at UserHeat Website

Now after successfully signing up, you will see an analytic map of your domain. UserHeat will display 3 maps, each of which have been explained below along with a screenshot of the maps for our own website VersedTech.
UserHeat- Mouse Tracks, Mouse Click and Gaze View

Mouse Track Map:

Mouse track tracks user action by their cursor movement. You will be able to see 5 user’s action which will be displayed on a map. The map is certainly easier to read than statistics.

For PC:

Mouse Tracks UserHeat Review
For Smartphone:

Mouse tracks Smartphone view

Mouse Click Map:

Like the name suggests, this feature displays the areas mostly clicked by users and also the one least clicked by users. This information can be particularly used by bloggers to make efficient use of the most clicked space to place adds in order to get high returns. The most clicked areas are colored red whereas the least clicked areas are represented by blue.

For PC:

Mouse Clicks for PC View via UserHeat


For Smartphone:

Mouse Clicks Smartphone View Userheat


Gaze Heat Map

The last and perhaps the most important feature, Gaze Heat Map displays the areas that receive the most attention from visitors. This is made possible by an algorithm that makes use of the user’s mouse movement and the scrolling pattern along with the keyword placement in the post. Again, if you know which part of your page receives the most attention, you can make good use of it.

For PC:

Gaze PC View via Userheat

For Smartphone:

Gaze View via Userheat on smartphone


UserHeat is perhaps one of the easiest web analytic tool to use while being feature rich at the same time. It displays information like no other web analytic service does and all you have to do is just sign-up and log in. So if you want to optimize your website or blog to get better results, we suggest you start using UserHeat today.

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