Pick out non-optimized pages of your Blog

Just think about that you have hundreds of pages and 50% pages are showing wrong title and Meta description in search engine. Or even some of your genuine pages are not appeared on Google or any other search engines. There may be various reasons behind this when my view is something different. That is, those pages are non-optimized pages (Pages with content).

What does a non-optimized page mean?

Generally, every WordPress user uses at least one plugin for optimizing their blog. There are so many fabulous plugins too in WordPress plugin directory. Though you are making use of one or two of them, there may be several pages which have indecorous search engine optimization. That’s why your articles are not able to emerge on search engines.

If you do not fill up any SEO plugin for optimizing your articles, there is an only 10-20% chance to turn up your article on search engines. And your post will not show proper title as well as Meta description. Google search engines will show a part of your article as a Meta description.

That is non-optimized page.

How to pick out non-optimized pages?

Generally, you can get your poor articles without any plugin. How? Go to your ultimate post directory. Choose anyone from the drop down menu that says All SEO Scores. But I wouldn’t tell you that this is the original method. Suppose you are not using any kind of SEO plugin, then it will not show particular types of posts.

What to do? How to manage non-optimized pages?

There is a plugin in WordPress plugin directory, called Missing SEO Data that lets you find out and manage all those pages which has not proper details for SEO.

It helps me very much. After optimizing my pages through this plugin, I have got over 30 pages which didn’t have either title tag or keyword. And now my blog is totally optimized after installing and running this.


You must have at least one SEO plugin among All In One SEO Pack, Platinum SEO Pack, SEO Ultimate and WordPress SEO By Yoast to get accurate result from Missing SEO Data. I don’t know whether it will give any result or not if you haven’t installed any plugin like SEO.

What you have got from this plugin? Let us know, we will share your view through comment.

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