BenQ’s Eye Care Monitors provide all round protection for your eyes

Internationally renowned lifestyle innovator BenQ launches its series of Eye Care monitors- EW2440ZH and EW2750ZL. These revolutionary monitors will allow you to enjoy high-quality audio-visual content without compromising the health of your eyes. The BenQ eye-care monitors are designed to preserve your optical health by its leading proprietary Low Blue Light and Flicker Free technology.

BenQ EW2440ZH Monitor

BenQ EW2440ZH Monitor

It’s impossible to keep away from digital devices in this digital age, but it’s possible to look for good solutions for our eyes. Even though almost one third of adults spend more than 9 hours using digital devices today, most users are unaware of the potential dangers of blue light to the eyes. Some common symptoms associated with over exposure to digital devices include eye strain, head ache, blurred visions and dry eyes. Conventional LCD screens flicker 200 times per second. Your eyes may not see flickers, but can certainly feel them. BenQ’s eye care technology effectively reduces eye fatigue, letting your eyes work less and relax more.


BenQ EW2440ZH & EW2750ZL, boasts of AMVA+ (Advanced Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment ‘Plus’) panel, their edge-to-edge ultra-slim bezel design sporting a 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. These models features true 8-bit colour (no dithering) and light matte screen surface with Ultra high 3000:1 native contrast ratio. The monitors are also built with four preset Low Blue Light Modes (Multimedia – 30% reduction, Web-surfing – 50% reduction, Office –60% reduction, Reading – 70% reduction) to reduce blue light produced by all monitors, which is a critical cause for eye damage, eyestrain, headaches and sleeping orders after prolonged or long-term use of your eyes on the screen. It’s one of the best eye care monitors choices.

BenQ EW2750ZL Monitor

BenQ EW2750ZL Monitor

Furthermore, it is equipped with BenQ’s proprietary Flicker-free technology to eliminate flickering at all brightness levels. This effectively reduces eye fatigue to keep less work on your eyes.  Both of the monitors sport Wide viewing angle of 178 degrees.

These BenQ monitors also offer innovative features like Super Resolution, Smart Focus and Cinema Mode. Super Resolution Upscales Every Viewing Experience it automatically restores static or dynamic problem spots for smooth viewing, even with low-resolution images. When watching content online, Smart Focus technology effectively minimizes banner texts and ads to give you the best viewing experience and image quality on a full screen. Cinema Mode on the other hand uses BenQ’s exclusive colour engine technology and automatically processes and fine-tunes video contents to perfection.  These connectivity ports include; 2 HDMI 1.4 ports, VGA, 3.5mm headphone jack.

The EW2750ZL monitor can be connected to your smart phone, and one can enjoy flawless picture quality whenever one wants to. The MHL connection ensures flawless streaming from any MHL-equipped smart device, allowing you to enlarge and optimize any content displayed on your smart device effortlessly. With this feature, you can browse websites, watch videos, play games and even go over various documents on a full 27” screen – without having to turn on your computer at all.  It also has built in 2x2W speakers for big sound.

The BenQ EW2440ZH and BenQ EW2750ZL Monitors are available in 24” & 27” respectively and are priced at Rs.12500/- and Rs.17500/- .

On the launch, Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India said, “With the high penetration of technology and digitization in this word, we are turning into ‘Techno-sapiens’. Now more than ever, we need technology that protects our eyes and takes our over-all screen viewing experience to the next level. BenQ’s Eye Care monitors offer pioneering ‘Low Blue Light’ technology and Flicker-free backlight, tailor made to protect our eyes and enhance our visual entertainment experience simultaneously.”

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