Wondershare AllMyTube Review: Best Video Downloader

With a ton of video hosting and sharing videos available online, more and more people are getting glued to their devices watching videos online for longer periods. The leader in video hosting and sharing websites, YouTube without a doubt has most visitors and that number increased exponentially ever since Google bought YouTube. With the newly introduced “offline feature”, YouTube allows users to save videos offline. However, that video can only be accessed through the YouTube app. So even though there are many video sharing websites online, most of them don’t allow users to download these videos. That is where video downloaders come in handy and we are going to talk about one today. So let’s start with reviewing AllMyTube.

Wondershare AllMyTube


Download videos from online websites

Like we said above, there are a ton of video sharing and hosting websites available online but most of them don’t allows you to download videos. That is where AllMyTube comes in handy. The software allows you to download videos from an astonishing 10,000+ websites. Yes, you heard it right. You can download videos from more than 10,000 websites in varying qualities which include SD, HD and even 4K which makes AllMyTube one of the best video downloader.

Downloading from Youtube

Not only that, you can download videos using 3 methods:

  • Click on the download button to download the video displayed or playing on the current page in your browser once you have installed AllMyTube.
  • Enter video’s URL in AllMyTube.
  • Record a video laying online using AllMyTube video recorder.

transfer downloaded video to mobile

Download videos in bulk

Not only does this video downloader from Wondershare help you download individual videos, you can download whole playlists and even all the videos from a particular page using AllMyTube. This saves you a lot of time as you can also schedule videos to be downloaded. Once the videos are downloaded, they are neatly categorized and saved in AllMyTube as well as your computer’s library from where they can be accessed later.

Convert videos to 150+ formats

Download then convert

AllMyTube’s library also comes with provisions to play, share, transfer and convert videos into 150+ formats. You can transfer videos to your iOS and Android device without having to connect them to the computer using a USB cable. Not only videos, you can also convert audio files from one format to another. Wondering how did audio files find their way into a video downloader? That is because AllMyTube comes with a video to audio converter for those times when you want just the audio and not the video.


Record videos online

Like we mentioned above, one of the ways of downloading a video is to record it while it is being played online with the help of AllMyTube. Now very few people might use this feature for actually downloading videos but for all the times when you’re watching a live telecast like the FIFA world cup final or the swearing ceremony of the president. This feature can sure come in handy.

Additional Features:

  1. 3X Faster Powerful Video Downloader, Quick and Easy!
  2. Download YouTube high bit-rate MP3 in one-click.
  3. Download videos 3X faster with task scheduler.
  4. It works seamlessly with common browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and IE.


With all the features mentioned above, it is pretty much evident that AllMyTube is a wonderful and amazing video downloader. The UI is simple o use and easy to get used to. The software when running doesn’t eat its way into your computer’s memory and we came across no crashed in our time with the software. So if you’re looking for a good alternative to YouTube downloader or even a better one, we suggest you give AllMyTube a try.

The software is available for a free download for Windows and Mac OS. If you think it is worth it, you can then buy the full version.

So this was our review of AllMyTube video downloader. Have anything to add to it? Get back to us in the comments below and stay tuned for more such articles.



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