Boost Your Sales with These 7 Web Development Techniques

In the age of internet, people really have adapted to e-commerce and conducting business online. While most retailers decide to sell their product on popular e-commerce websites such as Flipkart and Amazon, many have their own websites for their business. If you too have your website for your business, here are some tips which can help you boost your business sales.

Web Development Techniques

  • Make Your Website Fast

This goes without saying not only for a business website but for all the websites out there. Any website that you run and operate should be fast so customers don’t have to spend time waiting for webpages to load. Every second the page takes to load results in you losing visitors so make sure your website is fast and responsive.

  • Include Videos on Your Website

Scientific research has shown that your brain responds to images 60,000 times faster than text and even more so to videos. So make sure to include videos or your store on the website. Trends also show that including a video on your website results in 44% increased sales so make sure to tap this opportunity.

  • Include an easy to understand CTA

A CTA or a call to action button which you can also see on many Facebook pages has a solid reason for being there. Sometimes, potential customers will not give you what you want unless you ask them for it. That exactly is what a CTA button does. It asks people for information or to take an action that you want them to but at the same time does not invade their privacy or is not irritating like pop ups. However, don’t make it too clingy. Customers should be able to decline if they want to.

  • Device Compatibility

Computers are not the only devices that people use to browse the internet these days. Almost half the traffic on internet is from mobile devices and you have to keep these figures in mind before setting up your website. Make your website mobile and tablet compatible so you don’t lose out on potential customers. A good way to do this would be to use responsive pages that are easy to load and also fit according to the device size.

  • Easy to Use

If a customer wants to buy something off your website or even just browse your website, they should not face any difficulty in doing so. Therefore, it is your job to make your website easy to use and navigate. Adding products to the shopping cart, browsing the catalog and most importantly making payments should not be something that the customers dread.

  • Clean Product Pages

Clean and clutter free webpages are the easiest to use and get most response from customers and when it comes to a business website, response is all you want. So make sure not to include too many elements on your website. Keep the product pages clean with only the required information. Text in an easy to read font and images and videos in high quality should be preferred.

  • Gain Customer’s Trust

Gaining customer’s trust is very important in order to have a substantial business running and the same is the case with online business websites. Gain your customer’s trust and loyalty by sharing clips and reviews of customers who are happy with your service. Include on your website all the major brands that you have worked with.



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