4 Things Your Online Shopping Cart Needs to Include

Any foray into ecommerce requires some online shopping cart design. Shopping carts are what allows customers to easily purchase multiple items in a single transaction. However, there are a few other features that need to be integrated into the cart to optimize the selling process. Since the cart is an important and often complicated piece of programming, many online businesses opt to utilize the services of a third-party provider. Luckily many of these providers offer a number of different options as a customization or standard feature.

4 Things Your Online Shopping Cart Needs to Include

4 Things Your Online Shopping Cart Needs to Include

Payment Processing

Payment processing is at the heart of every ecommerce venture. After all, the whole point of selling anything is to make money. Shopping cart providers and services that offer secure payment processing along with industry standard encryption techniques tend to float above all other options. When a shopping cart offers integrated processing, the website owner has one less thing to worry about. In short, this step simplifies the entire selling process.


Upselling is a technique that offers automated suggestions based on what a shopper already has in the cart. Without any additional effort, the cart posts these suggestions to inform the customer of items that might be needed in conjunction with a product or service. This process can help drive average sales higher, which leads to a stronger return on investment and improved bottom line.

Marketing Tools

Built in marketing tools are a valuable part of any piece of shopping cart software. Sending an email reminding shoppers of items in carts or even weekly email blasts is a great way to build a strong customer base. Plus, automation can save time and further optimize the process. Sellers simply do not have the time to contact each and every shopper on their site, but with some basic marketing tools one click can quickly become all it takes to get the job done right.

Low Prices

Low prices are not necessarily a feature of a shopping cart, but with monthly fees and transaction fees lurking everywhere in the business process, owners need to shop around to find the best rates. Reducing overhead and getting the most value for an investment are important factors in keeping any budget balanced. Since package deals and bundled rates can represent significant value, many ecommerce sites take advantage of those low rates in order to minimize overhead and maximize the available features.

In the end, the design of a shopping cart can be one of the most important and influential weapons in the arsenal of any website. Integrated payment processing, low prices, and marketing tools are just a few of the many options available to ecommerce platforms. Boosting performance and automating the selling process are key components of any optimization campaign. Online businesses can simplify each and every transaction that takes place on the site simply by knowing what options are available. After all, turning customers into repeat customers is no easy task, but once the right chord is struck, a lot of good things can start to happen.

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