KIK VS WhatsApp Comparison: Which Messenger is Better?

There are plenty of Internet Messengers that offer killer features. Every month, you’ll see a new messaging app that promises the moon to the users. But not many have made it to the Internet Messenger Hall of Fame. Those which have, have been pioneering in some way or the other. And that is what we’ll be talking about in this post.

The Internet Messenger Hall of Fame:

There are plenty of apps in there, most of which you’ll probably recognise. There’s BBM, which started off as BlackBerry device only but later expanded to other OS as well. Then there’s Telegram, whose encryption and security features are to reckon with. There’s obviously Viber, who acquired the spot with its superior internet voice calling and doodle features. And who can forget Snapchat, which focuses on pictures and videos to get you that face-to-face feel when you converse with your loved ones?

KIK VS WhatsApp Comparison

But perhaps the best of the lot are Whatsapp and Kik. The two are immensely popular among users, localised to some extent in different geographical locations. Kik is immensely popular in US and UK, while Whatsapp is what is preferred in Europe especially Spain, along with Brazil and India. What can users do to decide between these two? Both have got to have something that works for them and something that doesn’t right? Well then, let’s try to make some out.


Whatsapp: Why it deserves to be called the best:

We’re going to take each app one at a time. Let’s talk why Whatsapp is amazing:

  1. Ease of access:
    Whatsapp is really easy to use. There is no feature that is hard to locate once you’re used to using the app. Changing privacy, display picture, status and other settings is easier than ever before.
  2. Saving media and text is a trifle:
    The files you receive from friends are stored in a folder separately in your gallery, which makes it easy to go through the files as well as sort out the junk you may receive. Whatsapp also recently updated the interface to include saving messages. This makes it easy to save vital information. These messages don’t get deleted with the other messages too.
  3. Encryption enabled:
    Encryption was recently introduced in Whatsapp. Your messages are now impossible to read by third party apps that might be spying on you. Even Whatsapp cannot take note of these messages, if reports are to be believed.

Isn’t that quite something? Whatsapp has a lot of features, but these are the ones i found unique to the app.

Let’s see how Kik fares.


Kik: What works for it:

Kik is a pretty decent app. I won’t be surprised if it came out to be the winner of this comparison.

  1. Secure interface
    Kik is easy to secure. Your user ID is unique to you. You can share it only with people you’re OK with. Even with that done, your phone number will not be revealed to those who know your ID. This is because the phone number is not affiliated to your ID. Saves you a lot of embarrassment after having your number end up with unscrupulous elements through group chats.
  2. Easier camera interface
    For all those who love to send selfies or pictures and videos of occurrences in your life, this is going to be a blessing. Whatsapp has different options for taking pictures and for recording videos. Saves a lot of time to have them all in the same window. Plus, the camera opens right there under the chat screen, unless you want it to go full screen. Saves a lot of time and awkwardness, trust me.
  3. Go beyond text in a jiffy.
    Typing a long drawn ode to pizza to make your friends laugh? Wouldnt it be even more fun to also attach a GIF of Mr Bean eyeing pizza? No need to download it. Kik will recognise your text and give you suggestions. No downloads or link copying necessary. Pretty cool, right?

There’s a lot Kik can do for you. And these features being unique to this app, makes sure no other app can. You can even download KIK for PC using this article.


Kik Vs Whatsapp: The Verdict:

This is a tough decision. I mean, what do i like more; encryption or easy picture taking and GIF sharing?  I can’t do without either, personally. Whatsapp is more sober; Kik is dedicated to being the fun app of the lot. I guess it makes sense to keep both in your smartphone.

But hey, that’s not to end the post diplomatically. If it were absolutely necessary to choose one of the two, I’d surely prefer Kik! Sending Gifs and not ending up with weirdos calling my number make a pretty good deal, no?

What do you folks think?

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