Bulk Plugin Installation: WordPress plugin to install multiple plugin at once

You can easily install multiple WordPress plugins at one time through this plugin. You don’t need to search on either WordPress directory (by going wordpress.og) or from your WordPress admin panel. Generally, newbies install plugins from their admin panel. But if you want to install plugins without searching, you can easily grab it for accomplishing your requirements.

Suppose, you have efficient experience to deal with WordPress and you know all useful plugins names. It will be very much time squanderer to look for all those plugins and then install them for your blog. Right? I had also passed that time after transferring my blog from Google Blogger to WordPress. Then I knew all substantial plugin names but the “Bulk Plugin Installation” plugin was unknown for me.

If you are facing this same problem and want to get rid of it, I would always like to help you.

What to do with Bulk Plugin Installation?

You have to install it at first. Then you can press the Add New button to add or install plugins.

You can find an additional box that will ask you the plugin name(s). You can install plugins in three different methods.


  • Entering plugin name (Example, Bulk Plugin Installation)
  • Enter the url of that particular plugin (Example, http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bulk-plugin-installation/)
  • Entering the entire url with .zip extension. (Example, http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/bulk-plugin-installation.1.0.zip)

Bulk Plugin Installation: WordPress plugin to install multiple plugin

After enlisting all names or anything else, press Install Now button.

Download Bulk Plugin Installation From Here.

That’s all! If you get proper help from this plugin, don’t forget to share your view with us. You can also contact with us for any other query.

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