What to Expect from the Playster App

I’ve heard quite a bit about this new streaming service called Playster, which claims it has unlimited books, audiobooks, music, games, and movies. I decided to try out the service for myself to see what the hype was all about and if the service is worth it.

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The Concept

The overall concept of all-in-one streaming is pretty evolutionary, and I’m pretty impressed by the suggestion of the idea. To really thrive in this industry though, Playster will have to compete with Audible, Scribd, Spotify, Netflix, and Steam, which could be a big feat. It will need to have the same, if not better, content than their competitors in order to have consumers switch services. Seeing as the company is still young, it still has plenty of potential to grow and dethrone the other services.

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The Service

The service itself needs some improvement. Overall though, it’s pretty easy to manage and has a great selection of audiobooks. However, the service is lacking in quite a few places, including music and movies. If you’re a book lover, the service is definitely for you. The thing that currently has me hooked is the fact that it holds unlimited books and audiobooks, which is missing in this entire streaming industry. Now that Scribd has limited its books and audiobooks to set amount per month, it’s been tough for serious book-nerds. Audible has the same restrictions for its audiobook collection as well, which can put a damper on people who listen to audiobooks in their everyday life. If Playster is able to ramp up its other collections as well as it has done for books and audiobooks, it can be a serious contender in the entire streaming industry.


The Product

With a 12-month membership, you get a free Playster Combo Box, which boasts a premium pair of headphones, and a 7-inch tablet. The tablet is basic and gets the job done if you’re looking to just keep it for the Playster experience. It can also be used as a normal tablet, which comes in handy, especially if you don’t have one at home. My advice is to try the service for the 30-day trial, without the tablet, and if you’re impressed, sign up for the 12 month membership.

In conclusion, Playster needs a little bit of improvement to be a shining star. But if you love books and audiobooks, it’s really the best in the business at the moment. I’m excited to see what this company has in store for the future, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it.


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