USHA Cerebro Compacto Tower Fan Review

The outdoor temperature nowadays is touching new record highs, irrespective of where we stay. To get a relief off the soaring heat outdoors, many of us prefer to spend most of our daytime indoors, no matter whether at offices or our own homes. But it seems like even the indoor cooling equipments like our ceiling or tower fans are no longer able to cool us down from the heat.

USHA Cerebro Compacto Tower Fan Box

For people disappointed with the performance of the fans in their homes and offices, today we are to bring the review of one of the best tower fans available out there, the Usha Cerebro Compacto Tower Fan.
Usha is a very well known and leading brand in home appliances in India, and Usha fans have always been well known for their longetivity and great efficiency.

The Cerebro compacto tower fan from Usha is the latest addition to their lineup of home appliances and features some really great features such as a refreshed look and design, various wind speed modes and many more.

Interested in knowing more about the Usha Cerebro compacto tower fan? Read on to know more.

Features of Usha Cerebro Tower Fan:
The Usha Cerebro compacto tower fan features a motor with 1400 rpm with 3 different speed modes available. The fan features a single speed and weighs quite less in at 2 kilograms. The Cerebro tower fan however is only available in a single White color only.

USHA Cerebro Compacto Tower Fan

What makes the Cerebro tower fan different from other tower fans out there is that the Cerebro comes with a remote control so that you can operate the Cerebro tower fan even within a finite range without walking to the fan each time you wish to change the speed or switch it OFF.

USHA Cerebro Compacto Tower Fan Buttons

The Usha Cerebro Compacto Tower Fan fits within narrow spaces very easily, which means accomodating the Usha Cerebro tower fan will never be a headache, it will fit into most of the corners of your home or office. Moreover, the overall design makes it easier to grip and hold too. Even though there is only a single fan blade in the Usha Cerebro, the fan covers a very large area while cooling and there is also unmountable filters which cleans out the dust from the air before pushing out of the fan. The filters can be removed and cleaned as well.

USHA Cerebro Compacto Tower Fan Remote

There are 3 wind speed modes: natural, sleep and normal. There is also a smart wind mode which automatically adjusts the fan speed in according to the outdoor temperature, thus reducing the electricity consumption and saving you money.

USHA Cerebro
The Usha Cerebro Compacto Tower Fan is priced in at INR 9,899 in India which is a very pocket friendly pricing for such a user friendly product. Moreover, the fact that the Cerebro tower fan is quite efficient and needs less space to be accomodated makes it quite lovely. The Cerebro twoer fan from Usha is one of the best options for a tower fan to be used in home as well as office spaces.

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