VU announced its 2016 Range of Premium TV’s in India

One of a kind as always, Vu TVs announced its 2016 Luxury range Premium High Dynamic Range UHD 4K TV (65” and 75”) and Curved UHD TV (55” and 65”) line-up.


The Limited Edition 4K Premium UHD range is charged with  PIXELIGHT TECHNOLOGY that has the power of 10.6 billion colors. The ultra dimming technology of the Premium UHD produces perfect blacks and dazzling lights, transforming and enhancing more depth, texture and realism on the screen. Combined with 4K, it transforms and up-scales any HD or standard content into most life-like picture details unleashing the full potential of 4K HDR. The ULTRA WIDE COLOUR GAMUT brings every color to reality, producing high palette when compared to standard LED TV’s.


Redefining perfection to delivering seamless entertainment, the Vu Curve 4k UHD series  delivers wider field of view for greater sense of depth and immerse viewing experience. The Curve range uses wide color enhancer plus technology to remarkably improve image quality by expanding the color spectrum, and intensifying the shades to produce true natural colors and subtle display tones. The Curved UHD series brings the ultimate viewing experience with ultra high definition resolution producing stunning details and vibrant colors ensuring visuals look life-like.

Powered with quad -core CPU processor, the curve TV enables you to watch fast moving images in astonishing clarity. Making multitasking an absolute revelation, the Curve range boosts and reacts quickly to any background tasks performed by its users.

Devita Saraf, CEO  and Brand Ambassador of Vu Technologies quoted “Vu stands  for luxury, quality, youth and innovation.” “This is a prodigious company constantly delivering extraordinary products. Each time we come up with latest technology, constant evolution and larger than life experience”.


Vu TVs are the largest online selling TVs  in India. From winning “Luxury and Smart TV of the Year” at Indian Affairs to “TV of the Year” at Exhibit Awards, Vu has been leading the Premium TV segment after Sony, Samsung and LG. Vu remarkably  sold 35000 TVs in one day in 2015 making it the highest marketing share in Premium TV segment. Moving up the figures Vu aims for 600 Cr turnover in fiscal  year 2016-17.


Aesthetically, the Vu limited edition Premium UHD series also impresses with its design. The very first glance of the 75-inch and the 65- inch spellbinds, unveiling the world’s first carbon weave finish and brushed steel frame materials that are used in exotic and luxury cars. The modern design of the Premium UHD series is made for exquisite homes for pure lifestyle experiences. Because of its beautiful aesthetics The Vu Premium UHD series is even more expressive, even more impressive even when your TV is switched off.


The ultra sleek design of the Curve UHD series signifies luxury with its brushed steel finish; effortlessly making the room looks great with its refined aesthetics. The Curve perfect dynamics embraces stunning pictures in full 4K Ultra high definition. Not only the curve is visually attractive, but it also provides realism picture definition and smart TV performance making it the most advanced curved TV ever produced.


The curved UHD range runs on 5.1 android plat-form, which lets the user dive into the world of engaging entertainment features. The range of android is filled with movies, music, videos and various social media applications that enable you to access content quickly and instinctively.


The New 4K UHD  processor was developed in order to provide ultimate SMR (Smooth Motion Rate) experience. It is further defined as to use proprietary motion estimation (MEMC) algorithms called Ultra Smooth Motion, which helps create and insert frames into the picture that enables smoother transitions for the viewer. It incorporates fill array technology: blinking and scanning, which also contribute to smoother fast action images and videos up to 800HZ.

The Premium UHD range is powered with Harman- Kardan dbx sound, which immerses viewers completely into the sound field, putting them right in the middle of the action to deliver true cinematic sound experience. The sonic environment range automatically toggles and regulates to suit your listening conditions.

The 2016 range of Vu Premium UHD range is Netflix and YouTube recommended TV’s that takes you fast forward to the world of entertainment in just one click. It also makes it easy for consumers to toggle between the world of Internet and different apps, games and functions.

The Opera store, gives access to the rich world of entertainment providing instant access to a broad selection of informative, entertaining and educational content. This includes social networking, media, smart apps, YouTube, news information game center etc.

The Premium UHD and the Curve UHD range now comes with 3 years warranty.

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