Indian Smartphone Brand OKWU to Debut in India this October

Every now and then we see various new brands launching their smartphones in India and on the same lines, OKWU which is an Indian Smartphone Company is all set to debut with their exciting new lineup of smartphones and other IOT Devices. Their Smartphones will be powered by Android OS and would probably be launching in the month of october.


Their upcoming smartphone would open countless possibilities for its users who would be able to control various appliances like water heaters, televisions etc, a tool which is named as U-Arena. Their smartphone would be coming up with such pre-installed applications which will make our lives easier.


According to the company CEO, the brand was conceptualised with a sole motive to help Indian audiences upgrade from a smartphone to smarter phone. The company has constantly been pushing the limits of software technology that goes beyond capacities of the existing brands out there.

According to their CEO, Anshuman Atul, The Brand OKWU has been designed with a motive to help indians choose the right kind of smartphone in this century. Their company has been working harder each passing day to go beyond what other brands do around.

These below are the accessories you would be seeing in the coming time from the brand.

U-TAG: – It’s a Bluetooth tag that can be connected to your belongings and devices, so that you don’t miss them. You can locate tagged belongings using a buzzer in close range and the same will also indicated through alerts on your phone in case it goes beyond a certain distance from the smartphone..The phone will also keep uploading it’s location to our server, which will track it’s location without overwriting the previous location.


This helps you track your device and your belongings in case of theft, or any situation where you left your or tagged belongings and forgot. The first product in U Arena, shall be available right on the day we launch.

U-Plugs: Its a range of plugs that could be connected to the appliances and the appliances can be switched on & off from any corner with W-F. Say one can turn on his Air Conditioner, moments before leaving his office using Okwu smartphones. This will roll out as the second product of U-Arena. The same shall be available within two months from the day we go on shelves.
U-Cars: Its again an accessory in U Arena, that would turn your car into smart cars. From authenticating others to step in your car without a key in their hands to sharing the details of your car’s status to indicating you on the nearest possible locations on Okwu smartphones and will use the internet for the same. All can be made possible. This will roll out as the third product in U Arena.
U-Think: This is a cloud based application, that would enable you to connect all your devices to the Okwu Smartphone ad enable you to create a dashboard for operating these connected items. It will enable you to even share information with these devices, eg, you will know even in your workplace, what you have in your refrigerator.This will roll out by the end of the first operating year.

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