Disable comment for any single post of your WordPress Blog

You can easily do it without taking the help of any Plugin. There is also no expert knowledge necessitate.

Comment helps to two kinds of people. One who wants to build backlink and another one who have just started blogging. Actually, Comment method is an old but still famous method to get tons of backlink. You can comment on any blog to get backlinks. But some blogger (including me) remove the commentator url whenever a comment pastor enter a link. But if your blog and comment is really expensive then any blogger gives you a link to give more details to their readers. But you also have to consider spam comments.

When you should this feature?

Anyway, let’s get back to the main topic. Suppose, you have written an article on newly published web apps, but the apps is not for everyone. At this situation, you want to write about that. I am sure that you will write an article on when the app was unveiled by the developers, definition of that app, viewpoint of that app etc. But mind it, you haven’t write any internal details of that tool as that is unknown for you. At such like this situation, you can get some negative comments from your readers. And I am sure that you have not so idea how to react with those comments. In this meant time, you can use this awesome feature that is a built-in feature for self-hosted WordPress users. There is no need to install any plugin.

How to disable comment for any single post of your WordPress blog?

The trick looks very easy.

Just go to All Posts and place your mouse on any published post. You can find an option that says Quick Edit. Click it.

Disable comment for any single post


Uncheck the option which is asking you whether you want to place comment box in your post or not. Make sure all your changes.

Final word:-

There is no need to uncheck all Allow Comments to disable comment for all posts. You can use any comment disabler plugin for that.

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