Atlanta Healthcare’s AirVisual Node Review: Best Device to Measure Air Quality

The extent to which the air quality has degraded in the modern days, there is no denying the usefulness if Air Quality monitors. Well, to be true, there are not a lot of Air Quality Monitors that actually catch the eye or in fact do some serious good work. It seems that we have actually discovered an Air Quality Monitor that actually does the job good. Well, to start off let me just state that the device actually is not as big as it looks on the images, but is of the perfect size, thus not coming into the sphere of bulky devices.

The Atlanta Healthcare’s AirVisual Node is a small and yet immensely effective Air Quality monitor that can certainly be trusted to provide the correct information about the air that you are breathing in. The device can measure CO2 levels from 400 ppm to up to 10,000 ppm along with the humidity measuring range of 0 to 100%. The AirVisual Node can also let you know if the temperature outside is anywhere between the range of -10 degree Celsius to +40 degree Celsius. In addition it is well connected by Wifi 801.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, a micro USB port and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Well, as you have already read above, the specs are really good, but the prime question is how effective is AirVisual Node?

Atlanta Healthcare’s Air Visual Node Pollution Levels at the time of Diwali 2016.

The AirVisual Node has a 5 inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 400, giving you enough screen space to see all the information that the AQ monitor has to provide. You do not constantly need to check out your smartphone to check the temperature or the humidity levels. The screen also has efficient and adjustable brightness levels depending on your requirements. You can even schedule the screen to show you the status of the Air quality around you at regular intervals according to your needs. The AirVisual Node also has four buttons on the top of it allowing you to change settings of the device at ease. This is not just it; you can also change the settings using the AirVisual application and the official website of AirVisual Node.

One of the features that I really loved about the AirVisual Node is its ability to work without internet. This is something that is not that common a feature. In fact, what is astonishing is that the data provided by AirVisual Node while it is working offline is also very accurate and dependable. The device has an internal memory of 3 GB and a battery of 1850 mAh allowing it a back up time of approximately 5 hours. The AirVisual Node also has a SMB server built in allowing the device to be accessed by your computer or your application at any point of time.

Now let us talk about the information that it shows. To be true, what striked me the most was the clear cut display of all the necessary information by the AirVisual Node. The layout is clean allowing you o easily switch between current data and historical data of hours, days and even months. The display also has a lot of appropriate recommendations which is certainly of great use for individuals who have less knowledge of the technicalities of air quality.

The way the AirVisual Node displays the data that it has acquired is also very good. The bar graphs will allow even the naïve users to understand when the quality of the air was literally un-breathable yesterday. The AirVisual Node also gives the users a good idea of what is to come with respect to air quality over the next few days. All in all, the AirVisual Node shows everything starting from temperature to humidity, pollution levels to CO2 concentration altogether so that the users do not need to go around here and there.

Well, if you ask me, the AirVisual Node is certainly a must have Air quality monitor. The quality of the built of the product is pretty good which means that you might just not need to buy anything anytime soon if you are using AirVisual Node. The special thing about the AirVisual Node will be the extremely friendly user interface and the visual appeal when showing the data. The AirVisual Node is undoubtedly one of the best in the market in its category.

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