Click Selfies through Rear Camera easily with ‘Selfie on Tilt’ iOS App

Selfies have become an outrageous craze nowadays among the young people. The fact that you can capture all your great moments with your family and friends at ease can be considered the driving force behind the growing craze of Selfies. But there is one issue that every iPhone and iPad users face using the front camera. Unlike android devices, the front cameras of most of the iPhones are not up to the mark for taking Selfies at ease. In fact, any user might just as well face the issue of blurriness and shake effect when taking Selfies using front camera. The sad part is that using specific applications for taking Selfies also does not solve the problem.


This is one of the primary reasons why many individuals use the rear camera to take Selfies while using the timer to take snaps. But still there are quite a few disturbances that occur. Firstly, you will have to wait some extra seconds while actually trying to confirm that the image has been properly captured. There is a certain amount of hazard involved as well. The primary one being loosing the device and it falling thud on the ground or let us say off the cliff while you are taking a breath taking Selfie. Well, the answer to the sorrows of taking a Selfie using the rear camera is the Selfie on Tilt camera application.

Before I actually talk about the application itself, let me just state why taking Selfies using the rear camera is always a better option using the Selfie on Tilt app. Firstly, the camera resolution of the rear camera is always good with quite a few features like better resolution, aperture, image stabilization, red eye removal, time lapse, slow motion capture, etc. Secondly, using the rear camera for Selfies literally eradicates the problem related to darkness in Selfies. You can easily use the flash to provide the necessary light for the purpose of clicking great Selfies. Now believe me when I say it that the camera application Selfie on Tilt actually helps you in using the rear camera for Selfies.


What if I told you that the application does not need a button click or a touch on the screen or a blink of an eye or some word to capture an image? What if I tell you that in order to click a Selfie with the Selfie on Tilt camera application, all you need to do is hold the position in which you want to click the Selfie. Now just tilt your phone in 90 degrees and then get it back to the original position. Once you do these simple movements, you will have successfully captured a great Selfie at high resolution, with better HDR quality, etc.

Now the question is how does it happen? Well, the camera application Selfie on Tilt uses a unique feature that allows the application to identify the movement of the iPhone and then initiating the image capture sequence. Well, it sounds pretty simple and believe me, the feature is not there on any other camera application, thus making Selfie on Tilt an unique and a must have camera application for all. According to the maker, the Selfie on Tilt camera application has a success rate of more that 95%, which is way more that what it is with other efforts you would put in to capture a Selfie using the rear camera of your iPhone.

The only point of concern is that the application is not completely free. You can always download the application and snap a few great Selfies of you and your friends, but the number of images that you can save is limited. In order to save unlimited images you will need to buy the application at the nominal amount that it charges for the great Selfies it takes.  You can also unlock the full version of the application by sharing the download link of the application on your social media profiles using the trial version of the application.

The Selfie on Tilt is undoubtedly a unique Selfie camera application with a unique and the simplest feature to take a Selfie. No button clicks, no gestures, the tap on the screen, but just tilting the device is all you need to capture great Selfies using the Selfie on Tilt application. You can always find out more about the application at it official website.

Download the app from the app store here

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