Get Back your Lost Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

There have been times when we have lost loads of important data in just one accidental click, or have been the victim of an unfortunate hard disk crash. At times like these, a data recovery software comes to our rescue and helps us get all those important data back. The EaseUS Data Recovery Software 11.5 is the latest version of one of the world’s most popular data recovery software. Several changes have been incorporated in the latest version. Let’s delve in to check out its performance and several functions.

In addition to accidents for which we ourselves are to be blamed, files may also get lost due to no fault of ours, like a virus attack. So, it is always handy to keep a free data recovery software like the EaseUS at hand. The software can track down files in even secondary storage devices.

The process is simple. Launch the software, and let it scan the drive in which the files were present previously. The scan continues to run until you locate the files you want to recover. The files can be of any format. Now, it comes to the recovery part to recover deleted files. Once you have selected the files you want to recover, they will get recovered after you are shown a preview of the same.

The software is not restricted to usage on your external hard drives or SSDs on your laptop and PC. You can even recover lost data from corrupted or damaged parts of your memory stick, card, micro SD or SD card. The EaseUS wizard offers a wide variety of services. You can also recover lost data from your mobile phone, and devices like iPad, iPod, pen drives, USB drives and any flash drives.

So, let’s now take a look at the features of the EaseUS Data Recovery 11.5 software:

  • The latest version comes with a brand-new interface which makes it all easier for users to understand how to operate the software and get back their lost files. The scanning process has been improved to become much more effective than it already was.
  • After the scan is completed, you can filter the results to recover the files you want to recover. The latest version comes with two new language supports – Arabic and Turkish.

The best thing about the EaseUS Data Recovery software is that the recovery is done very fast. There are two options for scan available – quick scan and deep scan. A deep scan is always going to be more effective in tracking down your lost files, while a quick scan may not always be able to track down all the files that have been corrupted or lost. Before the files get recovered, you will be shown a preview. The most important feature of this recovery software is that the quality of the recovered files will be the same as they were originally. Once the results are scanned, you can easily export or import them. Save your result and continue with the scan, without having to start the entire scanning process from scratch.

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