Smartphone apps that will optimize your device

Has your phone become lazy? Does your phone respond late when tapped on a particular app? Are you looking for the best optimization app? If yes then in this article, I will tell you about the apps that will optimize your smartphone.
So let’s proceed on.

  1. ANDROID ASSISTANT: – This app includes one of the most advanced security features that clean caches and other temporary data that slows down the speed of the device. It also makes it easier to install multiple apks without any interruption. One can also easily move the apps from the internal memory to the external SD disk thus freeing up space and increasing the life of the battery. Thus this app must be installed on every device.
    Download here ANDROID ASSISTANT 
  2. 3C TOOLBOX: – It is an all in one management app that has both control and security features which increase the performance of the device. The app features RAM management, system optimizer which monitors the background apps that has the negative influence on battery and memory.
    Download here 3C TOOLBOX 
  3. DU SPEED BOOSTER: – Are you looking for the best anti-virus app that will make your device run smooth and fast. Here is that app that not only removes the junk files but also clears the background apps that has a high memory and battery consumption. It allows the user to move the apps from the internal memory to the external SD disk in order to increase the performance of the smartphone.Download here DU SPEED BOOSTER
  1. AVG: – It is one of the best anti-virus apps that you might like installing on your device. It is an app that has all the mass attracting advanced security features. This app periodically scans the downloaded files and folders and check for the malware. If found it immediately clears it thus protecting our device. It also scans the received emails and blocks the same if any illegal content is found within it. Developed by the renowned AVG Technologies Pvt. Ltd it is the most trusted anti-virus app. It is also a game booster that boosts the game and gives the user a real gaming experience.
    Download Best Antivirus for Android 
  2. CCLEANER: – CCleaner, one of the best apps for desktop is now available for Androids. It has all the advanced anti-theft features that are required for a smartphone. It not only scans the downloaded files and folders but also removes it and thus protecting our device from the external threat. It includes the advanced Wi-fi features that help to establish secure Internet connections.
    Download here CCLEANER 
  3. KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY FOR ANDROID: – A powerhouse for Android the app brings out the most advanced anti-theft security features that is mostly known for its blocking features in which the app blocks the websites containing the illegal contents for the user. This app also blocks the received emails if any malware is found within it. In short words it is among the most widely used anti-virus app.
  4. SOPHOS ANTIVIRUS: – Recent survey reports say that this app has been the fastest app in theft detection. It runs through common sense ways to safeguard your device. The premium version of this app includes the features such as anti-theft features, real-time protection and much more. However the paid version includes much more advanced features and thus safeguarding our device from the external malware and spyware. It is also memory and game booster that frees up the RAM and gives the user a real gaming experience. So, if you are planning to download any anti-virus app on your device then you must have a try at it.
    Download here SOPHOS ANTIVIRUS 
  5. ALIBABA MOBILE SECURITY: – Alibaba Mobile Security app has been currently experimented on 20 devices and has been found to give the maximum positive reports in detecting and clearing of the external threats. Now a days this app is also emerging as one of the most successful anti-virus app.

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