SHAREit: The Changing Dynamics of File Transfers!

Anything which is fast-paced is branded as a winner in today’s day and age. Whenever any new technology comes to the market, it is always the younger generation who catch on to it, use it extensively and make it a rage. And then that knowledge is passed on to the older generation, who then start using it to make life a whole lot easier. Such is the story behind the success of SHAREit, which has more than 1 billion users with monthly active users of nearly 400 million. It was launched a few years back, and this year it was reported as the 3rd most downloaded app in India by none other than Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2017 report.

The Indian smartphone user base has definitely grown over the last couple of years. Consumers are winning in India and how! While earlier the smartphone used to be the monopoly of the urban youth and corporate, nowadays it is a common gadget to be found across the length and breadth of the country. So, the fact that the number of internet users in India has grown to a whopping 355 million (second only to China), and what’s more, over 300 million internet users are also SHAREit uesrs, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The smartphones keep getting cheaper and smarter, and the average Indian user does like to stay entertained. So, how does SHAREit fit into all of this? SHAREit’s technology allows it to transfer any kind of file between two or more smartphones at lightning fast speed. There, that very thing is the USP that is clicking for the app, and it is the very reason why it has become such a huge rage among the average Indian smartphone user. The very fact that you don’t even need to have a network connection in your phone is an added bonus as people may share files at any geographic location, irrespective of whether they have a working network connection or not.

So, how does SHAREit work? That’s simple. The home screen asks if you want to send or receive files. Once you select among the two, your surroundings will be scanned to figure out who else has their SHAREit connection open to receive or send files. Once the devices get paired, the files get transferred just like that. Gone are the days when you had to wait for an eternity in order to transfer files through Bluetooth. SHAREit has made transferring anything from app installers to HD movies a cakewalk.

Imagine you are on a long journey and have forgotten to load your favourite songs on your phone. Now, you surely don’t the journey to become a boring one. This is where SHAREit comes to your rescue like an angel in disguise, and helps you transfer the songs from your friend’s device or from one belonging to a friendly stranger. And you are all set to enjoy the journey like it was supposed to be from the very onset. This was just one random example where the app is going to come forward and become a saviour in your time of need. There are thousands of such instances when the app will come to your rescue, and that is the very reason behind its immense popularity in a growing economy like India.

And now the makers of this immensely popular app are now coming up with a new feature which they are going to roll out as a part of their app very soon. The feature has been named ‘Share Zone’ for the time being, and involves being in touch with what our friends are up to even without a network connection. We will be able to follow our friends and check their real-time updates in Share Zone, without even having a working network connection on our smartphone. If that’s not revolutionary technology, I don’t know what is!

This year, SHAREit was ranked 3rd position in this list, behind Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger – a significant improvement in its number of users certainly catapulted it to its new position. And that happens only when you continue providing quality services from the get go. The app was also the only app of Chinese origin, in the top 3 according to the Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2017 report. The report also highlights the fact as to how India has beaten the US in terms of Android usage. As India is sweetly poised to become the ‘next battleground for tech’, we are sure that SHAREit will continue to up its game and roll out more and more innovative technologies.

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