Coca-Cola Journey: A New Overhaul to the Coca-Cola India’s Official Website

Coca-Cola just made a huge change on their official website. If you’ve been following the brand’s homepage, you may have noticed the new overhaul of Coca-Cola India’s site. It is now presented in a magazine style with the name Coca-Cola Journey. Coca-Cola tries to get things like Coca-Cola news and stories with videos, images, infographics and audio into this new digital magazine styled website for their users. We are going to review this e-magazine today to see how good it is.

To start with, we should say that Coca-Cola has made a bold move of trashing its regular corporate homepage and replacing it with this new digital magazine. It is worth mentioning that this is actually the first time that a FMCG brand making this change. Journey really stands out from its competition in terms of both looks and offered content. Let’s talk about the e-magazine’s structure first.

Coca-Cola Journey

The homepage of Journey is formatted nothing like a corporate website. It follows a different and very unique layout featuring various news and stories of the company one after other. The main sections of the site below the header are: Choices – a page which lists all the Coca-Cola products, Together – a section where there are stories about Coca-Cola community, A Better World – a section that covers Coca-Cola’s initiatives towards sustainability, History – covers story of Coca-Cola’s history, Newsroom – is just the press release page and finally the About Us section where you read about the brand.

A Better World section

Now as you’ve already noticed, the naming style of these sections is unusual too. It shows us that they have taken a consumer-centric approach in everything about the structure of the magazine including this. They also present stories and stuff with neat images, videos and infographics.

Point of View

There are also numerous other sections including a Product comparison tool, Product facts page, etc. There is also a blog inside the e-magazine named “Point of View” which has articles on various topics. These articles are written by authors of different specialties. For instance, we got ourselves an interesting article to read – “4 Simple and Scientific Ways to Get More Work Done” which was written by Maxie McCoy. Then there was another article presented by a food critic, Sourish Bhattacharya which was a good read too.

Other interesting sections were Recipes and Music. This section has lots of food recipes that anyone can try. We found Bengalese-Inspired Chai Tea there among others which caught our eye. The Music section has stories on Music and Coca-Cola music videos.

Music section

Then there is The Day in the Life section which shows what it is like to work at the Coca-Cola Company. This section provides stories from numerous workers from Coca-Cola India. They share about themselves and their experience at the company.

Rumours section

Lastly, we found this the facts products and facts section really useful. It’s the Rumours section. Here they have answered over ten rumours surrounding the Coca-Cola drink and they are really useful and informative. We came to understand lot of things about Coca-Cola and were able to clear up some myths we had known before.

To conclude our review, we will say this once again; this is a really bold and refreshing change from Coca-Cola. It really distinguishes them from other brands. We think that this lets the consumers to understand them better and also let the company understand their consumers better. It will serve as a social platform for them to reach out to the consumers.

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