Best Air Conditioner Buying Guide 2018 – How to Buy the right air conditioner?

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Different Types of Air Conditioners

When buying an air conditioner, there are various factors to consider, which can be generalized in three different categories-

Split Air Conditioner

Split air conditioners consist of two parts- outdoor unit (to be installed outside of the room, mainly the compressor) and indoor unit (primarily the cooling vent). These type of air conditioners are best known for their easy installation, silent operation, simple maintenance and long-term savings.

Window Air Conditioner

These are the most common types of air conditioning systems. All the components are enclosed in a single unit that can be easily installed in the window of a room. They come with options to manipulate the vent and air settings in various ways. This type of air conditioning unit is budget-friendly, compact in size and low on maintenance.

Portable Air Conditioner

Unlike split and window air conditioners, this type of air cooling systems offer mobility & are mostly intended for homes where window AC installation is restricted. These are ideal homes with smaller space as they do not require any kind of permanent installation and have ease of mobility. Plus, they are relatively light in weight. These are loaded with a variety of features and advanced models are mostly 3-IN-1 appliance (Air-conditioner/De-Humidifier/Fan).

Essential Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Air Conditioners:


Air Conditioners mainly depend on Room size to determine the AC tonnage.

Room Size AC Capacity
Up to 100 sq.ft 0.8 Ton
Up to 150 sq.ft 1.0 Ton
Up to 250 sq.ft 1.5 Ton
Up to 400 sq.ft 2.0 Ton


Room size plays a major role in deciding on what tonnage of AC you need to buy as improper sizing might result in improper dehumidification or increased electricity bills.

Energy Star Rating

Higher the energy star ratings of an AC, lesser the power it will consume. Using the AC more than 8 hours requires an AC with a 5-star rating while lesser use is feasible for a lower rating one.

Another type of AC’s are Inverter AC which means that it runs on the inverter, in case of a power cut. Overall an Inverter AC uses the inverter technology which converts the AC current to DC Current that regulates the compressor running speed and thereby saving electricity cost.


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On purchasing any of the ACs from the Paytm Mall App, you get benefits like free installation at the place you require, free delivery at the address provided as well as a free set-top box connection (conditions applied). Additionally, while purchasing, you get the option of EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) for no extra cost. Certain banks also offer various deals on specific items due to their partnership with Paytm.

Apart from all these benefits, Paytm ensures that their products are 100% genuine and verified brands from authentic vendors. It also ensures that you get to choose from a variety of other top brands, by providing a large number of options. All these top brands are verified and hence the company also ensures that they provide you with the warranty offered by the brand, apart from their own. To ensure the well-being of your purchase, you can also choose to extend the warranty, as Paytm Mall offers that option as well.


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