Best TV Buying Guide 2018 – How to choose the Right Television?

When it comes to purchasing a TV for your home, decisions are not to be made lightly. There are various factors to consider like the resolution or the screen size. Paytm offers a solution with the help of a Buying Guide, which considers all these factors for you and minimizes your efforts.

What Screen Size is better?

It boils down to the viewing distance & room size when purchasing an ideal TV for your home. The following visual helps understand the relation between the viewing distance and the ideal screen size of your TV.

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32 to 39-inch LED TVs

40 to 47-inch LED TVs

48-inch and above LED TVs


What Screen Resolution to Buy

The resolution is one of the most important things to consider before purchasing a new TV. Currently, there are 3 types of good quality resolutions available, each with their own uniqueness- HD Ready, Full HD and UltraHD(4K).
Now if we talk about HD Ready, Full HD and Ultra HD(4K) – the more pixels a screen has the more picture details it can show to us.

An HD Ready TV Screen is 1,366 pixels across by 768 pixels down, which comes to be 10,49,088 pixels when multiplied.

A Full HD TV screen is 1920 pixels across by 1080 pixels down, which comes to be 2,073,600 pixels when multiplied.

Then comes the latest screen resolution which is 4K, also known as the Ultra High resolution, almost 4 times the resolution of 1080p(Full HD)

A 4K TV screen is 3840 pixels across by 2160 down, which comes to be 8,294,400 pixels when multiplied.

The following table explains the difference.

Type Resolution Best Suited for
HD Ready 1366×768 HD Set Top Box, DVD Player
Full HD 1920×1080 HD Set-Top Box, Blu-ray Player, PS4/Xbox Gaming Console
Ultra HD (UHD/4K) 3840×2160 4K Content



Smart or Non-Smart TV

As technology became smarter, the TVs also adapted to that technology. The difference between the types of TVs is explained below.

Smart TV- You can stream YouTube videos, run pre-loaded apps or browse the internet without using your phone or laptop. Also, after connecting, you can view the content on your phone like pictures, videos etc. with the help of Wifi.

Non-Smart TV- You cannot view any online content or connect your phone to do that as well, without the help of an external connecting device


LED vs OLED vs QLED vs 3D vs Curved TVs

When it comes to the clarity and the viewing experience, there are a lot of choices between the types of LED TVs as well as their curvature. The following terminology explains the highlights of each type, to help you choose better.

LED TV: Crystal Clear viewing experience without any disturbance. Can be wall-mounted for better experience.

OLED TV: OLED TVs have better colour definition than LED TVs. The colours are much more vibrant and saturated. Also, in terms of thickness, OLED TVs are thinner than LED TVs.

QLED TV: QLED TVs are better than OLED TVs due to the Quantum Dot Technology. The motion and visuals are much smoother and the experience is more immersive, because the colours are more accurate.

3D TV: All the above TVs are available in 3D versions as well. This makes the experience more immersive and with the proper ambience, might remind you of a 3D movie experience in a movie hall!

Curved TV: Curved TVs have a way of engaging with you better than flat-screen TVs, but unfortunately, cannot be wall-mounted. Also, they require a proper space, more than the flat screens.



On purchasing any of the TVs from the Paytm Mall App, you get benefits like free installation at the place you require, free delivery at the address provided as well as a free set-top box connection (conditions applied). Additionally, while purchasing, you get the option of EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) for no extra cost. Certain banks also offer various deals on specific items due to their partnership with Paytm.

Apart from all these benefits, Paytm ensures that their products are 100% genuine and verified brands from authentic vendors. It also ensures that you get to choose from a variety of other top brands, by providing a large number of options. All these top brands are verified and hence the company also ensures that they provide you with the warranty offered by the brand, apart from their own. To ensure the well-being of your purchase, you can also choose to extend the warranty, as Paytm Mall offers that option as well.

For Televisions, you get to choose from low end HD-Ready TVs to high end UHD Smart TVs. Also, with Mr. Buy Right, Paytm’s online help, you can go through the TV Guide to customize your requirements for TVs, and narrow down to one option, without needing to do any additional research.



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