4 Ways You Can Use Visual Content to Increase Conversion Rates

The truth is, humans are very visual, and they tend to engage more with products or services that feature visual content. It makes the product or service seem more tangible, attracting them to interact with it. Using visual content is a crucial SEO strategy that could help to boost your conversion rates. How? The more your target consumers associate with your product, the higher their chances of buying, increasing your conversion rate. It is up to you to ensure that you have high-quality visual content, and you might be surprised by the results about your site on serpbook.com. If you have been wondering how to improve your conversion rates, this article will list down how you can increase conversion rates using visual content.

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1. Use videos

Videos have been known to help increase conversion rates. According to a research that was conducted in the United States, the findings indicated that 73 percent of adults are more likely to buy a product after watching a video that is related to the product. Thanks to the continuous advancement in technology, you can now take high-quality videos and post them on your website for your target audience to see. That notwithstanding, websites are now developed to have faster-loading speeds, allowing people to watch videos without buffering.

When you decide to incorporate a video as part of your marketing strategy, you need to carefully asses the content that you would like to display. Keep in mind that this strategy is not about you. Instead, it should be meant to attract more clients to your site. You should optimize your video to deliver relevant and interesting information about your product. Moreover, your video should incorporate sections of what other customers are saying about your product or service. It helps attract more clients. Your video also needs to stand out in your website; therefore, place it close to your call to action or images on your site.

2. Show people how to use your product or service

Sometimes, people may be oblivious to how to use your product or service, and this may discourage them from purchasing. You, however, can change this by incorporating visual content that provides your customers with instructions on how to use your product or service. It could greatly impact your conversion rates. Apart from using videos to show them, you could rely on virtual tours. They also work effectively.

There is no need to fill your site with images and videos that do not provide the people with a better understanding of what you are offering. It is imperative to ensure that your visual content gets the point home. It could help to increase your conversion rates because you give your customers ease of use, which is what most buyers are after. In your tutorial video, virtual tour, or infographic, ensure to include a product’s features and benefits. They help to improve the customer’s journey, influencing them to buy from you.

3. Use visual content to trigger emotions

As an empathetic species, humans will most likely interact with a brand that impacts their emotions. You can easily convey feelings by using visual content. Your customer’s emotions will be affected by what they see; therefore, it is your duty to make the content you create as engaging as possible. For instance, if your online business deals in mattresses, you need to have visual content that shows a relaxed person. Make it as blissful as you can, showing how your mattress delivers contentment and relaxation to those that use them. Ensure that your visual content conveys the emotions that you would like your customers to feel. Relevance is key here. Once you establish the emotions that you want your target consumers to feel, go ahead and find the visual content that will deliver them efficiently.

4. Use images to show your customers that your online business has real people behind it

People tend to react to images differently than plain text. They want to see images of people so that they can be assured that your brand will serve their needs well. An image that has a human face will most likely create a more positive experience than one which does not. Therefore, to increase your conversion rate, include images of real people. You can place pictures of your team members, indicating their names and respective positions in your business. It helps to create a more human experience, and it influences your customers to develop some level of trust with your brand, improving your conversion rates.


Visual content speaks volumes to your customers. It helps to create a more engaging experience, which is what customers want to feel satisfied. When you use relevant visual content in your website, whether videos, images, virtual tours or infographics, you have better chances of improving your conversion rate as compared to using plain text.

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