Dell Latitude 7400 – A powerful technology that makes work easy while you bring your strategy to work!

The difference between a successful and an average business approach is the strategy behind it. A leader must constantly work on a specific business strategy if he/she wants his venture to thrive. Right from building a team of dedicated individuals, to executing the game plan, he/she must always be on the front foot with a well-thought strategy in the ever-changing corporate environment. Be it the game of cricket or the corporate boardrooms, strategies should change in accordance with the current tasks and scenarios.

Dell’s ongoing social media campaign, #PlayAtFullSpeed, which features the CES Innovation award winner, Latitude 7400 2-in-1 and the iconic batsman-Virender Sehwag, draws beautiful parallels between the cricket field and the corporate boardrooms, and it clearly elucidates how a correct strategy is a key player in the success of a sportsperson or a business leader. Through a series of 3 videos in the campaign, Sehwag talks about his three success mantras that helped him develop a winning game plan throughout his playing years.

In the 1st video of the series, Sehwag unveiled his first success mantra Skill, which let him exhibit exceptional performance on pitch, and in the 2nd video he stated that Stamina was his second success mantra that gave him the power to deliver perfection. But the most enthralling was the 3rd video, which got released a few days back, where Sehwag elaborates on his 3rd success mantra – Strategy. In this video, the legend shares how a change in his strategy to not play his usual fast game and not score a single boundary or a six between lunch and tea, against Australia in Adelaide, saved the test match for the Indian team. He further adds that this strategy made him unpredictable to the opponent, because of which he went onto scoring a monumental 151 runs.

Different situations demand different strategies. Just as Sehwag adjusted his strategy, keeping in mind the situation of the game, a corporate leader also has to fine tune the business strategy as per the challenges of the ever-changing corporate environment. Meeting the demands of the corporate leaders, Dell has introduced the 14-inch Latitude 7400 2-in-1, which is a perfect blend of speed, style, productivity, and versatility. This stylish 2-in-1 comes with Dell ExpressSign-in with facial recognition technology that detects your presence and lets you log in faster than ever. When you leave your workstation, it automatically detects your absence, thus locking your windows and keeping your information secure from any bystander and saving battery at the same time. Isn’t that just awesome?

In all, Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 is completely new from the ground up – a powerful technology, equipping leaders to stay one step ahead in the corporate game. In short – A perfect work companion! To know more about Dell Latitude’s features, click here.

To conclude, I would like to say, #PlayAtFullSpeed is a well thought out campaign, synchronizing the cricket and corporate world. You too can share your success mantras that help you achieve your organizational goals, on @DellEMCIndia Facebook and Twitter to stand a chance to exciting gifts.


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