Dell Breaking New Grounds in Innovative Workspaces With Dell Optiplex 7070 Ultra PC

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” – This quote by Albert Einstein wonderfully portrays that in order to break the bounds and take a leap forward, we need to do more than what we have been doing, and find innovative ways to achieve greater heights. To put it in a nutshell, at the vanguard of a promising future there is – Innovation.

We are in an era where there is a visible shift in the way we work, play and live. Through innovations, we are building a more connected world and creating solutions that were once deemed impossible. From organizational levels to individual levels, we are all looking out for innovative devices and environments that let us thrive and boost productivity. And, amidst all these our workspaces play the most critical role. Hence, we need workspaces that are innovative.

With the future-of-work concept becoming a norm, employees are demanding flexibility at work. Innovative workspaces enable them to stay productive, collaborate seamlessly, and stay creatively efficient. Businesses across the globe are also re-imagining their workspaces, making it more innovatively inclined and giving their workforce the freedom to work their way.

Dell Technologies has reimagined Innovative Workspaces

Dell Technologies always puts the best foot forward when it comes to empowering organizations and people. They have introduced innovative solutions that are designed keeping in mind the ever-evolving market demands.
And now, adding an innovative edge to workspaces, the technology behemoth introduced the Dell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra PC, which is revolutionizing the desktop experience. The independent upgradability of the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra brings the best of the traditional desktop and the All-in-One together into a single, new, innovative platform. 

Key Features of OptiPlex 7070 Ultra:

  • Modular PC and display solution options allowing customers to swap out, upgrade or service, independently.
  • Brilliant blend of the sleekness of an all-in-one and the flexibility of a desktop, with a compact design where the PC is hidden inside the monitor stand – a zero-footprint solution!
  • Integrates into a custom monitor, with a solitude power cable, which means – no more cable clutter.
  • Dual or triple monitors can be deployed to maximize productivity. The Ultra can support up to three displays that can range from 18.5 to 27 inches.
  • Flexible configurations ideal for multi-user, open workspaces and offers up to 64GB of RAM, Dual Storage Options with Intel® vPro™ platform that supports a rich suite of innovative features.

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#InnovativeWorkSpaces hyping the social media grounds

Elucidating upon the cutting-edge features of OptiPlex and grabbing attention of the social audience, Dell has introduced an interesting social media campaign – #InnovativeWorkSpaces on Dell EMC Facebook and Twitter. The campaign is encouraging the social media audience to share their stories on how their innovative workspaces have been elevating their productivity and helping them bring out the best output at work. While people are sharing their personal stories, Dell is also reflecting upon how the new PC will bring in more innovation into workspaces. After all, we all need innovation to take us to the future!

Check out the ongoing campaign and share your stories too.

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