Accelerate your transformation objectives from the edge, to the core, to the cloud

The global disruption has brought out the true potential of technology. Organizations across the world have witnessed extreme digitalization with major technology innovation revamping industries like banking, education, healthcare, and logistic. Collaboration, cloud, and cybersecurity have emerged as the key focuses for businesses across the verticals to create seamless operations and ensure business resilience in the face of changing market dynamics.  

Technology partners have been the key drivers of this evolution, helping organizations realize their digital transformation goals. This is where Dell Technologies Services steps in. As businesses moved to hybrid and digital space, we work seamlessly to enable quick and hassle-free transitions through cutting-edge solutions leveraging best-in-class technologies.

Operating at Ground Zero

Formulating an efficient digital transformation roadmap is the first and most critical challenge any business faces in its journey to digital transformation. Dell Technologies Consulting Services experts work at ground zero, conducting an in-depth study of your business and identifies the pain points to develop a successful digital strategy that makes you resilient for whatever comes next.

With the As-Is and To-be methodology, their analysis helps

  1. Identify the status of the IT infrastructure (business As-Is)
  2. Understand the challenges and shortcomings
  3. Define the scope of digital transformation (business To-Be)
  4. Create a strategic vision and guiding principle for the transformation
  5. Justify the transformation’s qualitative and quantitative benefits

The process is carried in three phases where the experts:

  1. Interview the stakeholders to understand the challenges
  2. Facilitate workshops
  3. Create collaborative design sessions

to build a holistic roadmap with a plan of action for the digital transformation.

From creating the master plan to full-scale implementation, Dell Technologies Consulting helps businesses with an unbiased, end-to-end assessment, addressing internal and external obstacles to help them create a plan for their future state.

Upgrading businesses with Zero Downtime

Upgrading new equipment to the data center or migrating users to new devices, technology change can be a daunting task for organizations, creating downtime and disrupting business productivity. Dell Technologies ProDeploy enterprise suite helps accelerate enterprise technology adoption from system upgrade and end-point security to cloud migration and storage. The experts at Dell Technologies employ intelligent planning and efficient data migration to provide 24/7 deployment services, enabling businesses to accelerate their IT transformation by 66%.1

If you are looking for end-to-end PC deployment, the ProDeploy client suite is the answer. With detailed project planning and knowledge transfer, the team ensures that systems are up and running from day one by avoiding common yet expensive mistakes. They minimize end-user downtime, provide onsite services and 30 days post-deployment configuration support.

Watch how Dell Technologies has helped FedEx, the global logistics and supply chain business, migrate their business to the cloud, increasing their productivity by 40%

The Dell Technologies Services story extends beyond great products and technology. Dell Technologies offers expert consulting assistance to help plan and implement the end-user tools vital to remote working – including secure file access, conferencing, and collaboration. They help streamline complexity and bring new IT investments online as quickly as possible, so your IT team is free to focus on more strategic work.


1 Source: Based on “Bring new systems to production readiness faster and with less effort from in-house administrators”, a Principled Technologies Test Report commissioned by Dell, February 2017. Full report found here:

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