How to disable Image Loading to surf internet faster from Google Chrome

In my knowledge, I think I don’t have to tell anything about Google Chrome in sense of surfing speed. Google chrome is very much famous for its outstanding web surfing that is just unavailable in any other computer web browser. There are tons of extensions which are available in Chrome Web Store. You can send anything from webpage(s) to your Google Drive storage from this browser. And that will be done with the help of a simple extension. However, let’s recoil to the main topic of this article.

You know that any webpage has one or two pictures. The number of pages, that have no picture, is quite low. Even, every of my blog pages have one or two or even more than two images. If you are using a good data connection, then Ok. You can easily load any page within 4-5 seconds. But if your data connection is not so good, what do you do? Would you like to open any page from your browser? No? Why? When you can get a better experience from your Chrome browser by disabling images? After completing the entire procedures, you can’t find any image on any web page. Sometime, you can find only the alt-tag of that image or even sometime a small box will appear instead of that image.

How to disable image loading to surf internet faster?

The trick is very simple just like I have told you all about that previously.

Go to your Settings page and disclose the Advance Settings page.

In your Privacy settings, you can find Content Settings. Click it.

The second option is called Images. Just check the option that says Do not show any images.

disable Image Loading to surf internet faster from Google Chrome

Make sure your changes.

That’s all! Now all images are disabled.

Bonus Tips:-

You can also use Ad Block to block ads. It also helps very much.

Download Ad Block for Google Chrome.

Download Ad Block for Mozilla Firefox.

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