How to setup a theme when you have a live blog

Suppose, you have a live (running) blog that is getting a good traffic every day. But you are not satisfied with your current theme and you want to give your blog another look with a fantastic theme. At this situation, what you would like to do? Would you setup your theme openly or do anything else? If you ask this question to me, my answer always will be No.


There is a few couple of reasons behind it. I can miss my readers. How? Suppose, you have entered my weblog before a few seconds and you are getting a new look after each reloading. I am sure; you will be bewildered and abandon my blog as soon as possible. Even, this entire thing was happened with me before a few days.
You know that I have an addiction to read various articles from different blogs. And that’s why I entered a blog to read about latest Google Panda update, I had completed my whole reading and wanted to read another one. When I clicked on that particular link to read the second post, a different theme was appeared. At this moment, I could not determine what is going on. Then my only thought was that there is something malicious and after a few seconds I came to know the real story about that blog. I think this thing is everyday happening with several bloggers. And that’s why they are getting missing their visitors.

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How to deal with this?

You know that WordPress is a fantastic blogging platform and there are tons of beautiful plugins in WordPress plugin directory. So, by making use of this little thought, I have come to know about a plugin that will help you to setup a theme when you have a live blog. When you will outing this plugin and working with it, only you can find the theme that you want to setup for your next days when that theme will not appear for your readers. Even, if you want to see your previous theme, you just have to log out from your WordPress admin panel. Or you can open your blog from other browsers.

Meet Theme Test Drive. This is a wonderful plugin for them who want to change their theme but he/she has a consecutively blog. You can change or setup your new theme with the help of this plugin.

You can also install theme but for this, you have to enter the whole url. (For example, “”).

setup a theme when you have a live blog

If you have already installed your theme, you have to choose that from the drop down menu and then press Enable Theme Drive.

setup a theme when you have a live blog

After that your activated blog theme will be replaced with your secondly chosen theme that you want to decorate.

After setting up, you must have to click on Disable Theme Drive.

That’s all! I Hope, this plugin will help you very much. Share your opinion whether this plugin is really helpful or not.

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