How to downgrade WordPress from 3.5 to 3.4.2

As this is already known to you that WordPress is a demotic blogging platform (Some people say blogging software), there is nothing to say about the facility and features of WordPress. Everything was Ok till before launching WordPress 3.5. But if you are using WordPress 3.5, you can face or have faced some critical problem at somewhere. Generally, WordPress 3.5 should develop itself to give better performance to its users.

I was using WordPress 3.5 on one of my blogs. When I saw the update notification, I couldn’t stop myself from upgrading WordPress 3.4.2 to 3.5. And after that, I have faced several problems like I couldn’t find the media folder redirect manager etc. if you are facing various cruxes like this, you can easily downgrade your WordPress version from 3.5 to anyone i.e. 3.4.2 or 3.4.1 or 3.4 and more.

Mainly today I am going to explain you this entire procedures with WordPress 3.5 to 3.4.2 but you can do it with any other version.

Why you are downgrading your software?

The following reasons may be matched with you argues.

  • This is not compatible with your theme version.
  • Some plugins are not developed for this latest version.
  • You cannot handle it rightly.
  • Some important features are missing.
  • Your blog is gone slowly.

How to downgrade WordPress from one version to any another version?

The method is very simple and can be finished within 20-25 minutes (It depends on your data connection.)

What to do before starting this task?

Do not forget to take the entire backup of your database and export all content from WordPress Admin Panel. For security purpose, you also have to deactivate all plugins.

How to start?

You have to start with downloading the version that you want to install instead of your current version. You can down it from here.

After that log in to your hosting control panel and go to public_html. Here you can find wp-admin and wp-includes. Just delete it. Though you have to remove more things but these two folders are enough for now.

Open any FTP client like FileZilla and log in with proper username, password, IP and port. You can delete those two folders either from any browser or FTP client.

Then extract that downloaded WordPress file and delete wp-content folder from there. (Highly Recommended. If you will not do so, you will lose your posts and media). Here is a screenshot that may be helpful for you.

After that upload the entire WordPress folder using FTP client to public_html. In this mean time, you must have to replace (overwrite) all previous files/folders with new ones.

Now go to your WordPress Admin Panel login page (

You can find a different screen from your regular screen. Click on Update WordPress Database.

How to downgrade WordPress from one version to any other version


If everything is Ok, you can find a success message, like the following image.

downgrade WordPress from one version to any another version

That’s all! You have almost done!

Now you can activate all plugins again.

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