Transfer Files Between Cloud Storages or Take Backup of Your Database Using Backup Box

Make use of this fabulous online tool so that you can move files between cloud storages or take backup of your database.

Backup box is a free web application that was made out of a real need for a way to transfer files and folders between two or more than those online storages. Generally, Dropbox or other cloud storages doesn’t offer you to transfer file to any other cloud drive. But by making use of Backup Box, you can easily move your files, folders and other data from one online storage to any other storage. Generally, Dropbox doesn’t allow you to connect it with FTP and at this situation, Backup Box is the perfect choice for anyone else to create a hard copy of their blog or website database.

It can move files between Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, AmazonS3, Skydrive, SugarSync and so on. If you have an active Picasa account and the free memory is now become very small and want to move some files from there to Dropbox or anywhere else, you can also do. You can also connect you blog or hosting so that it can give you the facility to create a backup of your existed database.

Transfer Files Between Cloud Storages or Take Backup of Your Database:-

Go to Backup Box and sign in to your email id and password.

After that click the Click to connect button to choose a service.

Choose a service from that you want to move files to somewhere.

Transfer Files Between Cloud Storages

Then select the second service and after that, you can find a screen something like the following picture.

Transfer Files Between Cloud Storages

If you want to take schedule backup, you have to click on the button that says Schedule this transfer and set the time.

Transfer Files Between Cloud Storages

That’s all! Try it, it’s really helpful.

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