Is This the Perfect Time to Embed Ad to Your Blog

Every blogger wants to make money by blogging but the number of efficacious blogger is quite low who makes fetching money from their blog. But some new blogger make a mistake. To give the best priority to their ad networks, they overlook about the content and the other essential tasks that are really indispensable for their blog.

When I started blogging Google AdSense was unknown for me. Then I just knew about content writing. But after day by day, I learn many thing like how to monetize your blog, how to install or downgrade WordPress and more. In this time, I have also applied for AdSense account and I got it in just 1.5 month. Then I assumed that was the right time to embed ad to my blog. But after a few days, I realized that Google AdSense is not for me at this situation. That’s why, a few days ago, I have removed AdSense ads from my blog so that I can improve my blog more and more.

Why I have removed AdSense from my blog?

This is not the right time for me to show ad from AdSense. Why I am thinking that this is not the right time? Yes! My blog is not so popular. My world rank is like around 216000+ (According to Alexa on 25th Jan, 2013). My blog PR is 0. The number of my email newsletter subscriber is only 10-15. Number of Facebook fan is 7 etc. The number of my daily visitor is 50 (According to analytics) and 170 (According to Hostgator Awstats) and on other hand I am getting 1000 page view (According to Analytics) and 4500 page views (According to Hostgator Awstats).But I have a good page loading time. But I think only page loading time is not enough.

So, what is the perfect time to embed ad to your blog?

I think, at least 160000-170000 rank is the best time to embed ad. You also have to consider of your daily visitor and page views and also unique visitor and unique page views. Bounce Rate is also an important thing that can be considered at this purpose.

So, what do you think about the perfect time? Share your opinion with us.

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