FeedRoller – Another Windows Software to Read Feeds from Desktop

You know that there are a few feed readers for any kind of web browsers or for desktop. It may be available for Windows or Linux or Mac operating system. But both are working is a same process. Every tool will give the opportunity to read any blog or website feed instantly.

You know Google feedburner is a popular and must have thing for every blog or websites. Without having a valid feed, you cannot get fully approved Google AdSense account. However, I don’t know whether there is any good feed reader is not but I have preferred this application for my Windows machine for the number of its endless options. You can find almost 25-30 different options inside this feed reader if you will install it on your computer.

You can read any blog or website’s feed without having any clutter. You can also set the update time of your existed feed so that it will give you most recent updates from your favorite blog. There is no need to subscribe to that blog in Google Reader or anywhere else. You just have to know the feed url of your favorite blog. For that, you can use any tactic.

A scroll bar will be appeared at the top of your screen that will bring every latest update from your selected blog(s) when there is also an option that will help you to adjust that default scroll bar.

FeedRoller – Another Windows Software to Read Feeds :-

You just have to install and configure it rightly. After installing it on your PC, you can control it by right clicking. For example, I have place a FeedRoller button at my Quick Launch bar. And when I need to set up it, I just right click on it and get options.

At first, go to Manage Feeds so that you can select or add or remove any feed. By default, you can find the following feeds;

Top Stories – Google News

World – Google News

Business – Google News

Sci/tech – Google news

Yahoo! News: Top Stories

Yahoo! News: World News

Yahoo! News: Business

Yahoo! News: Technology News


Sector – Seven Site Updates

If you want to add any feed, just click on the Add Feed button and enter your favorite blog feed url.

FeedRoller – Another Windows Software to Read Feeds from Desktop

FeedRoller – Another Windows Software to Read Feeds from Desktop

Here is also an option that will help you to Import/Export your entered feeds.

Now come to the Settings pane. Here are tons of sub-options under these following main options;

General – Here you will get Start Pinned, Full Screen Suspend, Item Time, Idle Time & Feed File option.

News – From this option, you can set the time interval or the maximum age of updates.

Cache – You can set the Cache directory and cache life from here. By default, the cache time is set for 1 hour.

Interface – If you want to decorate is in sense of general settings, you can do it from here.

Layout – You can hide or show the summary or Meta of the visible post.

Animation – Be default, it will show the scroll bar from down to up. But if you want to change it from up to down, you can do it from here. You can also change the scroll speed from here.

Transparency – be default, it is set as block. But you can change it to transparent.

Fonts – Here from you can change the font style and size of Title, Body, Meta and Icon.

Colors – The default color scheme is #000000, #8CE9FD, #E6FEB1, #AAAAAA and #FABF85. All these color can be changed as per your wishes.

Hotkeys – Hotkey means shortcuts. You can change the default keyboard shortcuts from this tab.

Navigation – Generally, you can scroll the scroll bar by your four arrows, mouse wheel and so on. You can stop tem if you want to do so.

Warnings – Usually, the Feed Warnings is not enabled but I suggest you to enable it so that your PC will run in a secure mode.

Connection – If you are running a proxy connection and want to connect it, you must have to go to this tab.

Restore – You know that what Restore is. It will bring all default settings.

I think this little bit of piece will help you very much to read any blog feed from your desktop.

Download FeedRoller.

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