Create a Lock Button Manually to Lock Your PC in Just 1 Second

You can use it on Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC. Generally, there are so many software those slog to lock your PC. But if you will use this manual tool, you can easily place it at anywhere. It is absolutely portable. Suppose, you are doing an official
work and that is a top secret between you and your boss. At this mean time, if someone will get at you, what you will do? If you are using Google Chrome, you can hide your entire opened tab using a hotkey. But if you are working offline, which tool, you will use?

I think, you must need an obliging software that will buckskin your all active windows or lock your PC instantly. That’s why I am talking about the manual locking. By making use of this lock icon, you can easily lock your PC in just one second. But for that, you need to pin this icon to your taskbar. You can also pin it to your metro screen if you are using Windows 8.

By default, you can lock your PC by pressing Win + L or Alt + Ctrl + Del button. But there are a few situations arise when we don’t have so time to place our hand from mouse to keyboard. However, let’s check this coding.

How to create a lock button manually to lock your PC?

Create a shortcut where you want to create that lock button. Paste the following code and hit Next.

rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Enter a name so that you can easily identify that particular button.

Create a Lock Button Manually

That’s all! Whenever, you need to lock your PC, just double click on it.

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