Disable Control Panel and Prevent Anyone from Accessing Your Admin Rights

No matter whether you are a new user or a veteran user of Windows, I am sure that you have already come to know what control panel is for any kind of machines i.e. computers, servers or any other operations. Anyone can use change your admin rights for his/her personal use. Anyone can track your PC so that he/she can steal your confidential information for his/her own determination.

On other hand Windows operating system is relatively low in sense of security. And keeping this in mind, a tons of keyloggers and other password tracking software are available those can hack your PC totally. That’ why I have told you about the IP blocking system for your wp-admin folder. However, that is a different story.

Today’s trick will help you to protect your PC in sense of modifying or changing your system. Suppose, you have your private computer and you are exhausting it in blogging purpose. Due to any reason, you have overlooked to lock your PC and you are now outside of your home. At such like this situation, your kid can open your computer and change anything whatever, he wants. If you have already disable control panel, you are quite out of danger but otherwise, you know what can happen.

So, how to disable Control Panel?

Today, I will show you this trick that can be done without taking any help of any third party tool because the option is built-in. you just need to turn it on.

Open your Group Policy Editor (Win + R >> type gpedit.msc and hit enter).

Navigate to the following option.

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel

Pick out and double click on the option that says Prohibit access to the Control Panel.

Change the settings from Not Configured to Enabled and make sure your changes.

After changing the settings, you will not find control panel in start menu. If you will go to open it by searching, you will come across to the following error message.

Disable Control Pane

That’s all!

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