How Pinterest Is Influencing Web Design

Pinterest and The Evolving Web Designs

Despite its humble beginnings, Pinterest has already managed to make an impact on the intricate domain of web design. Many digital brands are adopting a ‘Pinterest-like’ web design interface in order to gain attention among the online masses. We will be focusing on the same subject in this brief discussion. Those who designed websites for a living always found it very difficult to highlight an image heavy website. Throughout the years, they had to deploy various complicated methods so that the resultant website will find appeal in the eyes of the human visitors as well as the search engine bots.

Pinterest-Like Interface For E-Commerce Websites

Thankfully, social image pinning services such as Pinterest has simplified their work largely. The websites that engage in various e-commerce activities are finding this design particular useful. The website owners explain that such an interface will only help in improving the online shopping experiences of the customer. At the same time, those who are into the online printing and publication industry are also finding immense use by emulating the Pinterest interface. Throughout the years, many such online services have paved ways to improving the web design and layout of websites. In other words, it is not exactly news that many websites are trying to give away that ‘Pinterest-like’ usage experience. In the past too, revolutionary services such as these helped in altering the traditional perceptions that people hold on for many years.

Are The Others Implementing Pinterest-Like Designs?

It has become a do or die scenario for may online services. Pinterest is literally forcing the web designers to start thinking out of the box in order to implement the new designs on their websites. Even the already well-established social networking websites such as Facebook is already feeling the heat of the scenario. Perhaps this is what that forced them to come up with a new test feature termed as Facebook Collections. The underlying intention of any such changes to the web design is plain and simple. Incorporating such design changes into social networking websites such as Facebook will only help in engaging the users in much more useful conversation with their friends and loved ones. The members will also get an opportunity to share relevant data about what they have an interest in.

Why Did This Design Become A Hit?

One of the little-known aspects of following Pinterest-like web design is the fact that the interface works perfectly for desktop as well as mobile screens. In other words, the website designers may not have to spend any additional time trying to give final changes to the mobile version of the website that they are currently working on. There are umpteen reasons why Pinterest-like web design is gaining much popularity during these times. Most of them have the same underlying aspect; images are much more appealing than going through blocks of text. The human mind is able to process images rather than textual information. This is in fact the success mantra behind social image pining services such as Pinterest.

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