How to Remove Post Revisions and Auto Draft Posts

What are Post Revisions and Auto Draft Posts?

Suppose you are writing a post for a few past while and due to any reason, now you have to go to somewhere. I am sure that if you are using the WordPress “Add New post” panel to write your post, you will click the save button to edit it in next hour. When you will press the Save button, your blog will save your post in draft. And there will be an impression that will let you return to your previous post. You can find it if you will scroll down. The thing what you will find after scrolling down, that is Post Revision. The following screen snap will come to know what the Post Revision actually is.

On other end, suppose you are writing a post. If you look at the bottom write of your screen, you can find some words those say Draft saved at 3:26:20 pm. Last edited by SUDIP MAJHI on February 3, 2013 at 3:18 pm or something like that. That means your WordPress panel save your post automatically so that you will not lose your post (due to any reason).

Auto Draft Posts

Why you should remove them?

If you find 4 post revisions for a single post, that means your database has 5 (4 Post revision + Current one) impressions for a single article. It will gather cache and you know that if you clear cache, cookies, you will get a fresh, neat and clean blog. You blog will load faster than before. In human eye, you will not determine your page speed before and after cleaning. But if you will use Gtmetrix or Google Page Speed Insights, you can optimize it rightly.

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How to remove post revisions and auto draft posts?

This is quite easy. As you know that WordPress is famous for its outstanding themes and plugins, today I will tell something about a free plugin that will assist you to remove post revisions, auto draft posts, spam comments and also optimize your database.

Meet WP-Optimize. It is a small but effective WordPress plugin which can aid you at this time to do all those before mentioned tasks. You can find an additional icon at your menu bar, something like the following picture.

Remove Post Revisions and Auto Draft Posts

Click on it and select what you want to do i.e. remove post revisions, remove auto draft posts, optimize your database etc and click the Process button. It will take up to 5 seconds to remove them all (it depends on how many post revisions and auto draft posts you have).

Remove Post Revisions and Auto Draft Posts

That’s all! If you have any other query about this plugin, feel free and ask us.

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