Hide Any Page from Front Page/ Category Page/ Tag Page/ Feed or from Search Result Page

Content writing is nothing but a visitor catcher for new blogs. Everyone should write quality as well as SEO friendly contents so that he/she can grabs ton of traffic either directly or from search engines. All these are Ok. But do you ever think about the title where I have told how to hide any post or page from your front page or from the existed category page or even from feed. Suppose, you have written a post but don’t want to send that to your subscribers. At such like this situation, you can use this trick. Or, you have written a content but due to any reason, you have not entered not so enough information and that’s why, you want to hide that page from front page so that your daily visitor will not able to find that post. All these are very easy to say. But do you have tried it before? No, I am sure that you will must give it a try after hearing about this below plugin name and it’s working methods.

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Meet WP Hide Post that will let you hide any page from Front page or from feed or from anywhere else what I have mentioned before. There is not so enough knowledge required to handle it rightly. This plugin will not hurt your SEO strategy or search engine ranking by blocking that particular content. As the post or normal page will be appeared in sitemap as well. And you know that Google Crawler always crawls sitemap to get faster indexing you weblog.

How to hide any page using this plugin?

As I have told you don’t need to have any expert knowledge to handle it, you can find an additional tab at your right sidebar when you will go to write a post or page.

You can find a tab (something like the following screenshot) in your Add New Post page.

Hide Any Page from Anywhere

Just select an option and that’s all. now write your post like before.

If you want to hide your any page from previously mentioned pages, just go to your “Add New Page” page and scroll down to get that extra tab to choose something.

Hide Any Page from Anywhere

I think this plugin will help you very much to customize your blog in sense of content customization.


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