Import or Export Your Saved Password inside Firefox

Do you have twenty or twenty five saved passwords in your Firefox browser? Do you want to take a backup of your saved passwords? Here are your answers. A little add-on will assist you at this time to take a entire backup of your all saved passwords those you have saved for various times.

Sometime we save our password so that we can browser or log in to that particular service faster than before. Or we save our password so that we will not forget it in next hours. Actually, I am

doing so and that’s why I have already faced some critical problems. A few days ago, I have migrated my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 8. The transferring procedures was fine but I faced a crux.

As I have told you that I save my passwords in my browser and also I have lost my passwords after changing the operating system. I think this is a common problem between all normal guys.

After considering the above problem, today I am going to tell you something about an add-on that let you take a backup of all your saved passwords. You can easily import or export your passwords or even you can use it to find out the saved password (I know that this is an alternative method to see the saved password).

Import or export your saved password inside Firefox :-

Meet Password Exporter. This is one of the best Firefox add-on which can import or export your saved password. No matter how many passwords you have saved in your browser.

Just add it to your browser and go to the settings of it. Here you will come across to a screen that may be look like the following image.

Click the Export Passwords button to take the backup.

Import or Export Your Saved Password inside Firefox

For importing your passwords, just click the Import Passwords button and choose that previously exported file.

Import or Export Your Saved Password inside Firefox

That’s all! I assume this little trick will help you a lot.

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