Pin Anything to Taskbar in Windows 7 and 8

Though by default this is quite impossible to pin a media file or folder to taskbar, you can do it with the help of a simple tool that is provided by Winaero. This is a real fact that you can not pin or add anything i.e. your favorite song, , video clip, image etc to your taskbar whether you are using Windows 7, 8 or anything else. You must need a medium that will let you assist to pin your personal or most used tools to your taskbar.

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You know that taskbar is one of the best place what can be performed as a shortcut provider. You can add your software though this tool. But sometime, we need to add some file, folder, Bluetooth device, Display options and more to our existed taskbar. But you can do it what I have told you in my very previous line. Isn’t? If you have any doubt about this, try it. If you cannot do so, just follow the following information.

Pin anything to taskbar :-

Today I am going to tell you something about a software that is called Taskbar Pinner. You can easily pin anything what you want if you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8. There is nothing to configure. Just add what you want to pin and save your changes. After installing it on your PC, you will find a screen something like the following screenshot.

If you want to pin a file, just choose the first option and select your file. In this same way, you can pin folder, Shell Location i.e. Ease of Action Center, Font Settings, Administrative tools, Windows update option, Windows firewall and also your library folders.

I think this little bit of information will help you very much. If you have any query, feel free and ask us.

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