Excerpt Box is Not Appearing in Add New Post, is It Screen Resolution Problem

A few days ago, I have realized that there is an option that is called Excerpt and one of my friends says that I have not input excerpt in any of my posts. I became very embarrass after hearing this. After that I have applied several tactics, coding, plugins. But all were dump. Nothing could not help me anymore. Then I was thinking that this is for the resolution of my computer screen. But I have applied it on my laptop which is a quite low in sense of screen resolution. And then I applied my last technique with the help of WordPress Support Forum.

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You know that I browse internet to know and do more with my blog. And at this time, it became very much helpful for me. I got that option so that I can decorate my blog more and more to attract visitor.

By the way, do you know what actually Excerpt is? If your answer is No, just read the following lines. Actually, excerpt works like a meta description of your particular post. You can create one or two sentences with 30-40 words and use it as an excerpt. But by default, this excerpt will not appear when anyone will open your post.

How to show Excerpt box?

This is very hard till then when you will not come across to this simple solution. You know that there is only one way to write or publish your posts inside WordPress admin panel. That is Add New post area. So, just go to there and click the Screen Options button that is situated at the top right area of your screen.


Check the Excerpt box.

That’s all! Is there anything difficult?

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