Remove or Skip Youtube Ads With A Google Chrome Extension

Today I am going to tell you something about a loyal Google Chrome extension that will assist you to remove or skip Youtube ads just like AdBlock. I have just mentioned AdBlock as AdBlock or AdBlock PLus are also two different tools those are working in the same way and give the same result. You can get rid of those annoying text link or small rich media ads by making use of those

extensions those are available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Generally, Youtube shows Google AdSense ads and background text and rich media ads. You can skip them in 5 seconds. But there are also some types of ads those are not offered to skip. You will must have to watch them for 10-15 seconds. Sometime you can find something interesting inside those ads but most of the time those ads are really very long-winded and time spender. You can try Minitube to watch Youtube videos from your desktop but still you will get the same result.

After considering the above problem, today I have discovered an extension that is available on Chrome Web Store and this is perfect at such like this situation.

Remove or skip Youtube ads:-

Meet Screwads. Its really a helpful tool to block or skip or remove ads from Youtube. You will get a neat and clean experience with the help of this tool. There is nothing to configure as this is pre-configured and also there is nothing in sense of settings or anything else. You just need to install and activate it on your browser. After that that start to watch any video from You will must get a different experience because now this is ad free video.

[This extension is not available in official Chrome web store.]

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