Why Drop-Down Menu is Not So Good for Any Blog

You know that now a day everyone famines to create a personal or corporate blog to promote himself or sometime his company. On other hand, Blogging turn out to be a different source of income. Mostly, there are so many people who daily start or want to start their blog as a daily diary.

If you are a new blogger, I want to tell you that just content writing is not enough for your blog. You cannot do anything good with just your writing creativity and its 100% true and proven. You will create a user friendly and also SEO friendly layout, simple triangulation and much more. You also must be well-thought-out about SEO which substances very much.

Today I am going to talk somewhat about a very small part of your body layout. You know that you can easily create a drop down menu so that your readers can find out the particular thing what he/she needs. I have found it on hundreds of weblogs. But I don’t recommend you to do so.

When you are creating a layout for your blog, you must remember two things i.e. your readers and SEO. I don’t know how much it benefits in sense of SEO but I contemplate this is not good when you will talk for your readers. Why? The answer is much unpretentious than you think.

Generally, all bloggers do blogging from computer i.e. desktop or laptop. But here is not the end since there are also some people who will read your blog from any kind of mobile device. And that device may be truncated in quality. Usually ordinary mobiles do not show any drop down menu. In this way, your visitors from mobile will not get the actual experience of your blog.

Disc. :- This is my own view. I don’t know whether this is actually good or not for your blog when I have found it in branded blogs too.

What is your opinion? Share with us so that I can know more from you.

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