How to submit a full Sitemap of your Blogger Blog to Google via Webmaster Tool

Generally most of newbies don’t know what sitemap is and how can he/she submit sitemap to Google. Actually if you are using a WordPress blog, you have to create a sitemap using any sitemap builder. For example you can use WP Realtime Sitemap generator. But if you are a Google Blogger user, you not have to take any press headache as Google has the competence to create your sitemap automatically. You just have to index it to Google via Google Web Master Tool.
Actually if you want to get Google Adsense ads for your blog, you must have to submit your total sitemap to Google so that Google bots can crawl your site fully. This is one of the most important things forgetting approval mail from Google Adsense. Many of bloggers do not know how to get this sitemap url for his/her blog and how to give in it.

To solve this problem, today I am going to tell you how to submit a full sitemap of your blogger blog to Google via Web Master Tool:-

At first sign in to your Web Master account. [if you don’t have a web master account, I recommend you to create an account as soon as possible.]
Select your website and click on Optimization and Sitemaps respectively from the left pane.

Now click on Add/Test Sitemap. It will ask you to enter your sitemap url.

If you are a WordPress user, enter the sitemap page url. But if you are a Google Blogger user, you have to follow the following steps.
If your blog has more than 1 post but less than 500 posts. You have to enter the following url in that empty box.
If your blog has more than 500 posts but less than 1000 posts, you have to enter the folloing url.
[Disc.- you can copy these lines. this is only for this post]
Yes! You have to enter two urls after one by one.
If you blog has more than 1000 posts but less than 1500 posts, you have to enter three urls. For this time, you have to change the minimum and maximum number.
That’s it! You have done.

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