Basic On-Page SEO Guide for WordPress that You Must Follow

WordPress becomes the most eminent blogging platform meanwhile last few years and now it has already engrossed all types of bloggers commitment. Everyone wants to jump into WordPress to start their first blog. But I want to remark something that only WordPress is not abundant to make you an innovative geek. You should try numerous on-page and off-page SEO skills those are must for any kind of webpage. But the delinquent is, most of the newbies do not know what actually on-page or off-page SEO is. So, today I am going to talking about some rudimentary on-page SEO strategies here.

Do you know what an ideal post arrangement is? If no, follow the following codes and try to recognize.

<title>Your Post Title</title>

<meta name=”description” content= Your Meta Description>

<meta name=”keywords” content=Your focus keyword>

<link name=”canonical” href=”Your Post URL”>

You must give a exclusive title of your post. Then come to the factor of focus keyword and enter your keywords. The next thing is Meta Description. You ought to write a summary of your post within 160 words. Remember, visitors who come from search engines will catch this portrayal. So, occupy some time and write a unspoiled explanation.

Add h1, h2 and h3 tags. Though everyone says you should use from h1 to h6 tags in all pages but I think from h1 to h3 is enough.  Your h2 tag must have your focus keyword.

Add at least one image in every post and add alt-tag which will contain your main keyword. Your image structure should be looked something like the following code. <Simple guide to create a SEO friendly Image>

<img alt=”Your Meta Tag” src=”Your Image URL” width=”XX” height=”YY” title=”Your Image Title”>

The very next this is interlink. Some of your main keywords should be interlinked with your previous articles or with any additional links. You also have to care the number of links. The following video may be helpful for you. <Get the best auto interlinking plugin for WordPress.>

The third main thing is The Speed of Your Page. You can use GTmetrix, Google page Speed Insights etc to improve your page speed. Actually, Google like two things of any blog and those are good page loading time and quality and fresh content. So, if you decrease your page loading time, I am sure that you will come across to a new world of SEO optimized blog.

I think, this little bit of piece will help you very much to create a Google Friendly website.

Here are also some basic SEO techniques.

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