Play Song by Following Mode, Time and Weather

Windows 8 comes with so many virtuous features and most of them have already pronounced by us and other networked blogs. There is a massive variance between Windows 8 and any other

Windows operating system. The control over all-inclusive interface, boot screen and time, metro screen are just overwhelming when some of them are also not so good, as common.

The most accommodating tool, inside Windows 8, is the Software Store where from you can download lots of software, sometime by spending nothing and sometime by spending a few dollars. By default, every of your installed tools can be originated from metro screen and that is actually good. If you are not an affectionate of opening drives for each time throughout open a file, you can also pin them to taskbar. There are also various tricks those can’t be defined by us due to lack of time and size.

Generally, we play soft music in morning, in noon; we hear pop songs and so on. But sometimes we play those clips what we have selected before. There are also some times come when we do not find a seamless song when we are sad or very glad. Moreover you know that songs are the unsurpassed thing that can make us happy and fresh. Isn’t? so, keeping this in mind, today I am going to introduce an application that can be found on Windows Software store.

Play music by following mode, time and weather?

Meet Smart Music. It’s a freeware for Windows 8 and can be used as an automatic music selector according to your mode, time and weather. The following screen can be come out after running it on your machine.

Play music by following mode, time and weather

Select what type of music do you want to play or hear and enjoy.

Play music by following mode, time and weather

I think this little knowledge is enough for now.

Download Smart Music.

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