How to Create a Full Backup of BlogSpot Blog

You know that Google Blogger is a trusted website or blog builder and I have started my first blog on this platform. But due to some reason, I have migrated my blog from Google Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. But still I love this platform because of its easy user interface. There are tons of new bloggers who daily start their blog on BlogSpot, just like me.

There are two ways to take a backup safely. The first one is very easy. Just sign in to your blog and navigate to the following options;

Settings >> Other >> Export Blog

Its so simple. But it doesn’t create the full backup when Google Takeout will help you to generate a full backup of your blog(s). You know that Google Takeout is a free version Google Product that is made for taking backup of several other products i.e. Google Buzz, Contacts, Google Drive, Pages, Picasa and more. As Google Blogger blog also can be backed up through Takeout then why you are still trying other third party tool for this same purpose?

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How to create a full backup of BlogSpot blog using Google Takeout?

It looks very easy. You can do it with a few moments (Depend on your blog size aka template weight, number of posts, images and more.).

Go to Google Takeout and choose Blogger under Choose Services.

Suppose you have more than blog. At this situation, if you want to take backup of all your blogs then there is no other setting for you. But if you want to create a backup of one of your blogs, click the Configure button so that you can choose a particular blog.

Then click the Create Archive button.

How to Create a Full Backup of BlogSpot Blog

After a few moments, you will get Download option on your screen.

That’s all!

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