DU Battery Saver – Save Your Battery in a Different Way

My morning is worsening by ruling my phone charger to put my phone on charge so that it will not switch off due to deficiency of battery. Actually, smart phone always run with several apps for giving a diverse familiarity and most of them are really battery killing. When you purchase a phone from shop, it gives good battery backup and after day by day it reductions with the number of running applications. You have already recognized that Internet Connection takes 60% of full charge of your battery and data connection is one of the most significant features in every smart appliance. Deprived of this, your smart phone looks not yet so smart.

So, after bearing in mind the above fact, you should do something for extending your battery life. Else, you will have to change your device. There is a software, called Easy Battery Saver, that works for the same persistence and here is one more tool for Android that helps one and all to save their battery more meritoriously.

Overview of DU Battery Saver:

The core point is it saves battery of Android phones that is running on Android 2.1 or up. It has been downloaded over 10,000,000 times from Google Play and I am pretty sure that you know what does that number mean actually.

Although it has a premium version but the free version is also like any other premium software because of it’s minimalism and workflow. I have mentioned so many battery saver like Battery Dr. Saver, Optimal Battery Saver, Battery Stats for Android but never got such an app like DU Battery Saver.

Features of DU Battery Saver:

If I start talking about all features of DU Battery Saver, you have to spend a little span of time but if I start talking about the usefulness of those features, I cannot stop writing since it doesn’t have any unwanted or complex features at all. Some of the most helpful or useful features are enlisted below.

Battery Stats:

The homepage/start page of DU Battery Saver is covered by all kind of information on your battery. You can check the flow of your battery charge, temperature, voltage as well as battery technology.

Du Battery Saver – Save Your Battery in a Different Way

The most interesting or useful part is “Optimize”. You can find an Optimize button that will let you show running apps those can be stopped right away without any issue.

Du Battery Saver – Save Your Battery in a Different Way

On the other hand, you can also check screen brightness, disable Wi-Fi and turn off Bluetooth or mobile data and so on.


There are already three user profiles in this app that can be used anytime to turn off something including calls, SMS, mobile data, clock, alarm etc. if you don’t like those default profiles, you can simply create your own user profile with custom settings.

Du Battery Saver modes

For that, just tap on “Add a mode” button and select what you want to turn on and what you want to turn off. That’s it!


Monitor, formerly running apps monitor, will let you check those applications including system services, which are running in background.

Du Battery saver running app monitor

You can easily stop them by tapping on “Stop” button. On the other hand, you can get hardware monitor in the same window too.

Bottom Line:

Who is not using a smartphone? Are you? No, everyone is using smartphone and smartphone requires a good battery. However, any company cannot provide long last battery life for a long time and that is where DU Battery Saver comes in.

Get it on Google Play

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